The Most Durable Ring Stones

The Most Durable Ring Stones

Choosing an engagement ring stone or stone for everyday wear? Your decision should be based on more than just stone colour. 

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a ring from setting to style to stone colour. What often gets overlooked in the flurry of gorgeous gemstones is their longevity and durability. If you are shopping for an everyday ring or wedding ring that will do daily mileage on your finger then don’t forget to consider the strength of the stone. Not all stones are made equal. Some are best for occasional wear and others are rock-solid (pun intended) for everyday enjoyment. 

Precious stones have a hardness rating from one to ten on the Mohs' scale with ten being the hardest and most durable. Keep in mind that the numbers from 1 to ten are not evenly spaced with diamonds with a ten rating being substantially harder than stones with a nine rating. Stones with higher ratings can scratch stones with lower ratings. Hardness indicates the stones ability to be scratched. Scratches mean that the stones will need to be polished. Stones that scratch can lead to unnecessary expenses. This does not mean that you have to stay away from the softer stones but rather consider harder stones (rated 8 and up) for everyday wear. Below are the hardest stones that are hardy enough to handle your average day. 

Diamonds (10/10)

Diamonds reign supreme when it comes to hardness which makes them the ideal, and of course, classic engagement ring stone of choice. They have a good measure of toughness which indicates how resistant they are to breaking. They have high stability which indicates their resistance to heat and chemicals. This makes the diamond the perfect stone for everyday wear over decades. Diamonds can still chip or be damaged but the likelihood is much less than lower-rated stones. 

Corundums:  Sapphire and Ruby (9/10)

Sapphires and rubies are members of the corundum family where red corundums are rubies and all other colours are sapphires. Sapphires are most commonly thought of as velvety blue in colour but they come in a range of gorgeous colours. The royal ruby usually demands the highest per-carat weight price of all the gemstones. The corundums’ excellent stability and toughness and 9 rating in hardness make them a regal centrepiece in any ring. 

Alexandrite (8.5/10)

The exquisite alexandrite, like the corundums, has excellent stability and toughness and an 8.5 rating in hardness. These rare colour-changing chameleons are from the chrysoberyl mineral. They turn from a bluish-green in daylight to a ravishing purple-red in incandescent light making them one of the most magical and remarkable of the colour changing gemstones. 

Topaz (8/10) 

This is a pleochroic gem, meaning it can shine different colours in different lights. It comes in a rainbow range of colours to suit every taste from pale blue to rose-coloured pinks. This stone is inexpensive compared to the other stones mentioned, making it a budget-friendly gem.  This stone has a medium toughness and stability and a hardness of 8. 

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