The Top Bespoke Jewelry Boutiques To Watch in 2020

The Top Bespoke Jewelry Boutiques To Watch in 2020

As we enter the 2020’s, many people are looking for more personalised experiences, be that for the entertainment they consume, how they interact with others online, or in how they shop for their favourite items. Bespoke experiences, like retreats and wellness events, are increasing in popularity, and so is buying bespoke items, which allows consumers to have a hand in the creation of the item they are buying. This allows for creativity to run wild, and for the product to have a more personal and sentimental touch added to it. So where do you look when it comes to finding a bespoke jewelry boutique to offer you this experience? Today, well delve a little deeper into this, looking at some of the best ones for you to keep an eye on this year.

Bespoke Jewelry Explained

“Bespoke” is not just a fancy term used in the English language. It actually carries a lot of merit in the jewelry industry, especially as people look for more personalised items to add to their wardrobes, opting away from the generic in favour of something to add their personal touch to. Briefly put, bespoke refers to custom design, where you have free reign to go wild with your imagination, to create something with your own touch, that is essentially a true original. There are very few limits when it comes to bespoke designs, though it helps to have a guiding hand to let you know if your idea is practical or not.

Dear Rae

Dear Rae started out as Karin Rae Matthee’s passion project ten years ago, drawing on inspiration from her love for jewelry, as well as her studies in the Western Cape and Germany. All pieces are made by hand and the studio and workshop share a collective space, which helps as a way to fuse the total experience into a single, creative environment. This is unique and a way for consumers to engage more actively with the process. Dear Rae creates some incredibly unique bespoke pieces, and if you approach them with an idea, you’ll be getting a high quality product made with love and care.

Black Betty Design

Black Betty Design is the brainchild of designer Kristin Weixelbaumer, establish out of a curiosity for the symbiosis between the natural world and how it affects the overall human experience. Combining a fascination for the spiritual and a love of travel, her pieces tend to have a natural feel, encompassing a certain magnetism you won’t necessarily find at more traditional corporate jewelers. With a majority of their work being done using hand-cut precious and semi-precious stones, the team derives an endless amount of joy from turning gifts from the earth into some of the most impressive bespoke designs on the market.

Jenna Clifford

Jenna Clifford may be a more traditional option to go with if you’re looking for a custom made piece, but few people know that at their core, a love for bespoke jewelry is what shaped the overall business in the first place. With an eye for one-of-a-kind pieces, especially for milestone events like engagements, weddings and anniversaries, Jenna Clifford creates jewelry of high sentimental value, coupled with an incomparable shine and finish. The fact that they call the bespoke design process a “special journey” should tell you everything you need to know. Book an appointment with them if you’d like to know more about what it all entails.



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