Tips and Tricks for Buying Jewellery Online in 2019

Tips and Tricks for Buying Jewellery Online in 2019

While there is something to be said for an in-store experience with a friend or loved one, especially when buying jewellery, times are changing fast, and so are your options for sourcing the latest piece to complete the casual or formal look you're busy planning. As with most things, there are many options to buy jewellery online, but as with any digital purchases it is important to keep your wits about you. Buying jewellery can be an expensive exercise (some may even call it an investment), and is not something that should be rushed into. We’re here to make sure you are ticking all the boxes to guarantee a good experience with a positive outcome, so have a look at the ideas below to help get you started on your journey to buying a piece of jewellery online.


Research and Consider Seasonal Jewellery Discount Opportunities


As we mentioned, buying quality jewellery can be a very expensive process, but that doesn’t mean you should buy the first thing that you find within your price range. Consider your options, research some special offers and more importantly, be mindful of seasonal discount opportunities. Around Christmas, store anniversaries and other traditional holidays (Valentines Day, Women’s Day etc.), many businesses, especially in this industry, run deals to attract new customers. Ask yourself about the time of year it is right now, and whether there may be more opportunities to find a good deal next month, or if you may have missed the boat on that exciting Christmas special by your favourite jeweller. You may just find a hidden gem or two just by paying better attention to your surroundings (be it the next time you are in a mall, or that Facebook ad that keeps popping up on your feed). 


Are you buying Diamonds or Diaminds? Consult with a Specialist.


Buying jewellery online, especially when from an individual reseller rather than a trusted supplier, can be a challenging experience, especially if you’re looking to buy a higher value item, such as a wedding ring or birthday present. Make sure you do enough research about the products, so that you don’t end up forking out your savings on a fake. Talk to a specialist upfront (why not consult your social media network for some references?) and do your research on the types of things to expect when buying something like authentic gold, for example. Never rush the decision, and never be pressurised by a seller, who is likely a bit desperate to get their hands on your cash. Take your time, operate at your own pace, and make sure you’re not paying for something that isn’t what you expected or deserve.


Sign up for Mailing Lists with Special Offers


Buying jewellery online goes beyond just doing a Google search for “jewellery specials in my town right now”. Who are your favourite jewelers? Are you subscribed to their mailing lists on their websites, and following them on social media? Jenna Clifford, for example, has one of the most popular mailing lists in the industry, serving regular updates about their ongoing campaigns (PS: check out their incredible #StoriesofStrength campaign, which launched recently in line with Women’s Month in South Africa). These mailing lists also provide insights into special offers and discounts, which are worth keeping in mind if you’re looking at a bigger purchase for a milestone event. It’s a lot easier forwarding an email to your mother-in-law to be about a particular piece you like (just as an FYI, of course, in case it comes up the next time she talks to her dear son or daughter), rather than hinting about it at the next family dinner. 

Contrary to popular belief, buying jewellery online can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. You are able to do extensive research, have a vast supply of options to choose from, and can also manage your budget a little better. Needless to say, most companies have a great delivery time turnaround, making it a convenient option as well. If you’re looking to buy a new piece of jewellery, no matter the occasion, doing so online has never been easier, or more affordable.



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