Top Custom Design Jewellery Stores in Johannesburg

Top Custom Design Jewellery Stores in Johannesburg

Custom design jewelry has become all the rage in recent years, thanks in part to the gradual increase of freedom of expression, self actualisation and a push towards individualism among millennials and gen Z’s. So how has this affected the jewelry industry, and are there options out there to get your own, custom made jewelry made at affordable prices? What about if you want to custom design your a milestone jewelry piece, like your wedding ring, for example? Bespoke jewelry is something that a lot of jewelers have tapped into as a way to differentiate themselves from others in the market. Today, we’ll explore some of the best custom design jewelry stores South Africa has to offer.

What Is Bespoke Jewelry?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on catalogues online, or you’ve been following some of the top jewelry brands in the world on social media, you may have seen or heard the word “bespoke” a couple of times. This refers to custom jewelry design, and is another way for brands to say that they offer the option for you to design your own jewelry. Sometimes, when couples enter a jewelry store looking for something to match their style as a couple, they may run into a few roadblocks and some differences of opinion. Choosing a bespoke solution resolves this, albeit that it may be slightly more expensive than you initially anticipated.

By Design Jewelers

By Design Jewelers focuses predominantly on engagement and wedding celebrations, and a lot of their designs are geared towards an emphasis on personal. With a boutique store based in Killarney Mall, they’ve spent nearly 30 years as a trusted companion to couples alike, making sure no stone is left unturned, especially when it comes to designing bespoke pieces of jewelry. By Design Jewelers are also directly affiliated with the jewelry council of South Africa, so they can also point you in the right direction if you have any questions about your jewelry, its authenticity and if you’re curious to know more about all the types of collections they offer. Win-win!

Jenna Clifford Bespoke Jewelry

Jenna Clifford is a well trusted, well loved brand all around South Africa. The word “bespoke” is etched into their company mantra, with their design approach having always been tailored towards customised, unique pieces to suit the consumer as a first. They pride themselves in finding a solution for each customer, regardless of how long it may take, and irrespective of their budget and needs. If you’re looking for a one of a kind piece of jewelry for a loved one, or to add a special personal touch to a gift on a milestone event, you can use diamonds, gems and more in the design of the piece when doing so through Jenna Clifford. You bring the specifications, design and your personal taste, and the rest will be taken care of by one of their highly skilled consultants.

Eternity Jewellery

Eternity Jewellery is another great option to consider for custom design jewelry, especially so if you’re on a bit of a tight budget this month. Situated on the outskirts of Johannesburg, these guys have a direct supply of the finest gold that Egoli has to offer. While most jewelers offer customised designs as an added value to their traditional service, these guys have taken it a step further to give you more customisation options as part of their business model. Make a point to enquire about their CAD 3D design and manufacturing, valuations, molding and casting. What’s particularly great about them is that they offer clients a 360 degree service, from designing a vision to your taste, all the way through to keeping the jewelry maintained and polished. You can’t go when choosing them as your preferred supplier.



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