Vintage Engagement Ring Trends 2019

Vintage Engagement Ring Trends 2019  

As consumers become increasingly more socially aware about the products that they buy, vintage items of clothing, furniture and jewelry have become increasingly popular. Buying second-hand or vintage jewelry is especially important if you are the kind of consumer who cares about the carbon footprint your purchases will leave. Because vintage rings are already been manufactured and the stones have already been mined, there is no pollution as a result of mining practices or manufacturing processes! 

Vintage engagement rings have the added benefit of coming in countless styles which run from sleek solitaires to stunning two-stone pieces. Vintage engagement rings are more likely to contain colored stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires, to rustic and rough-cut diamonds. There is no engagement ring that will be same as a vintage engagement ring so if unique is something you’re looking for then definitely go this route when looking for the perfect piece to wear on your finger! 

The Benefits of Choosing a Vintage Ring

Vintage rings often come with a story: who it used to belong to, where it came from, how and why it was designed in the way it is currently. Vintage rings are rather romantic because of their history and are appealing because of their distinct character and sustainability as mentioned above. The one-of-a-kind charm that comes with vintage engagement ring truly can’t be beaten for many brides. 

Vintage Ring Trends

Art Deco Emerald Rings 

Art Deco was a visual style of art, architecture and design that first appeared in France in the 1920s. Art Deco represented an era of luxury, glamour, modern advances in technology and rich materials that were paired with exquisite craftsmanship. Some famous examples of Art Deco can be seen in the New York skyline with buildings like the Chrysler building which was built in the style of Art Deco. Needless to say, you won’t come across a subtle or understated Art Deco vintage ring. Rings with an Art Deco style have stones which are square cut and colorful like emeralds, rubies and sapphires (a big trend nowadays). 

1920s French Rings 

A lot of engagement rings that you will see in stores and online nowadays, draw heavily from the styles of rigs which were popular in 1920s France. These rings have stones like pink and clear diamonds which are cut in a classic solitaire shape and are the center of attention. 

Edwardian Rings 

Vintage Edwardian engagement rings come from the Edwardian period which lasted from 1900 until 1915 when King Edward ruled the British empire. Jewelry from this period was made to resemble pieces that British royalty wore and was therefore more gaudy, clustered, large and sparkly. You can spot an Edwardian era engagement ring if multiple diamonds are uses to make a halo or cluster in the center of the ring. If you’re looking for bling- then an Edwardian vintage ring is for you. 

Victorian Rings 

The Victorian period is named after Queen Victoria who ruled over the British Empire from 1837 until her death in 1901. Jewelry from this time was influenced by many areas of public life including a rise in the culture of fashion and socializing. A vintage ring from this time period will most likely be 22k or 28k gold and silver and will almost exclusively be on handmade intricate designs. 



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