Wedding Ring Trends for Men in 2019

Wedding Ring Trends for Men in 2019 

It is true that fewer men wear wedding rings than brides-to-be, but the trend is on the rise. While women have been graced with engagement and wedding rings by their partners since the 1920s, the trend did not take off for men as it did for women. Wedding bands were rarely worn for men until the 1940s when male Hollywood celebrities began to wear them in public and on the covers of magazines. The world was a much more sexist place back then so jewelry was reserved for women only as it was seen as feminine, but since views about gender roles have changed, so has fashion and the traditions associated with getting married. 

All reputable and forward-thinking and trendy jewelry stores (like Jenna Clifford) should now stock wedding rings since the industry exploded in the 90s. Just like fashion, hair and food trends change every year, wedding ring trends for men do too.

Take a look at some of the wedding ring trends for men in 2019:


Black Diamonds 


Black diamonds are a low-key and masculine alternative to classic white diamonds. Since recently becoming available to the public, more and more men are opting for this understated ‘bling’ addition to their wedding rings. Black diamonds on men’s wedding rings are used as an accent detail along the edge or in a center band around the wedding ring. Diamonds in men’s wedding rings are usually set inside the band and don't protrude like a woman’s wedding ring. 


Mixed Metals 


The fusion of different precious metals is the newest trend when it comes to men’s wedding rings in 2019. Mixing yellow and white gold is a popular choice but using other metals like stainless steel, rose gold and tungsten are unconventional but look great! These rings are eye-catching, trendy and can even be made personalized for the wearer depending if they're a two-tone or three-tone kind of guy. 


Texture Details 


Like the mixed metal rings mentioned above, textured rings move away from more classic, sleek and smooth designs. Textured finishes can be made by mills, etching or hammering and all have different outcomes. The trend is new on the market and is only growing so do your research on some of the options available as not all jewelry manufacturers may stock them. Textured rings have the added benefit of hiding small scratches and the wear and tear that may come from day to day wear-and-tear. 




The days of a one-size-fits-all ring is a thing of the past. With 3D printing technology and digital designing programs in frequent use by jewelry stores and manufacturers, a personalized ring is in trend for both bride and groom. This option has the added benefit of being designed according to your man’s needs. If he works in a very hands-on environment then the ring can be designed in a hardy metal like palladium, stainless steel or tungsten. Adding small touches or personalization like your wedding date, partner’s initials or a verse/ quote is subtle and also very popular in men’s wedding rings. 

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