What Jewellery to Wear on Your Wedding Day

What Jewellery to Wear on Your Wedding Day

It goes without saying that the star of the show on your wedding day is the special dress you’ve picked out to make you feel and look like a princess. It’s important to highlight the simple fact that the jewellery you wear on your wedding day should complement your dress rather than compete with it. With so many dress styles and personal preferences, choosing the right accessories can both be daunting and confusing. However, once you get the perfect pieces to go with your dress, your look will certainly be taken to a whole new level. Plus, choosing wisely means that your wedding jewellery can be worn even after the event. Here are some things to consider before picking out the perfect pieces to go with your dress:



The secret to the perfect wedding jewellery is that ‘less is more’! Remember: you want one or two pieces that are going to complement your dress and not overpower it. The neckline of your dress is a great place to start when you begin looking for your wedding day jewellery.

V Necks, Strapless, Low Scoop and Square Necks:

With these kinds of necklines, your neck is going to draw a lot of attention as most of it will be exposed. You want to tie in your whole look with a statement or bib-style necklace. Chokers are also a great option if this is more your style. Pearl chockers look very sleek, simple and classy as they will rest on your collarbone and elongate your neck.

Illusion Necklines, High Necklines, Off-the-Shoulder, Sweetheart:

Illusion necklines have recently made a comeback in wedding dress trends. They are created when detailed embroidery and lace covers your neck and/or arms. These kinds of dresses, together with the others mentioned above, will look too busy if a statement piece or longer necklace is worn like with a strapless dress. These styles look great with earrings instead. For sweetheart necklines, opt for a dainty pair of diamond or pearl stud earrings. These earrings are great as they can be worn after your special day for years to come- consider them an investment! Off-the-shoulder and illusion necklines look great with statement earrings to really pull your whole look together. Choose statement earrings based on your face shape and dress colour.

Halter, High Necklines, Strapless:

Dresses with high necklines also look great with bracelets or cuffs. If you like a lot of bling you could opt for a diamond tennis bracelet (definitely an investment as well). Be cognisant of long-sleeved dresses, paired with the necklines mentioned above, as wearing multiple bracelets or chunky pieces make the whole ensemble look very busy.


Jewellery Colour

The colour of the precious stones and what kind of precious metal your jewellery will be is important as it must complement (and not contrast) with the colour of your dress. 

White and Champagne:

These classic wedding dress colours look best with lighter precious metals such as white-gold or platinum as well as white stones such like diamonds. Champagne is a warmer colour so jewellery with a slight yellow or gold hue can work well too. 

Silver and Grey:

Silver and grey dresses may have slight undertones of blue so the best metal to pair with is silver as it may also have these blue/cold undertones. A sapphire necklace or pair of earrings look great when paired with these colours. 


Ivory jewellery looks great with yellow gold! The yellow tones will really complement the creamy tones in your ivory coloured dress. 

Blush and Pink:

A really hot trend in wedding fashion these past years are dresses in hues of pinks and oranges. Really tie your look together by opting for rose or yellow gold jewellery. 

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