What to Consider Before Restoring your Jewellery


What to Consider Before Restoring your Jewellery

Not many objects can hold as much sentimental value as jewellery does. Many memories are attached to certain personal pieces and may carry them for tens, if not hundreds, of years! These heirlooms in the form of rings or necklaces may be passed down from generation to generation but inevitably, the pieces may become faded, scratched or broken. Many people have reservations about restoring their jewellery to its original lustre so what should you consider before restoring your precious pieces? 

Why restore or repair your jewellery?

Jewellery, like any other material object is vulnerable to the elements and wear and tear. To preserve anything, it goes without saying that the upmost care should be taken of your jewellery by keeping it in a safe and dry place when not being used. Secondly, precious metals like gold and silver are also sensitive to heat and may even discolour gemstones so make sure to keep away from sources of extreme heat. In case damage is done it is imperative that professional care be taken so that permanent damage isn’t done. DIY or self-repairing damaged or broken jewellery is definitely not advised as more damage can be done that may be irreparable. That’s why seeking out professional help is the way to go!

Where do you go to get your jewellery repaired?

Jewellery can be repaired by a jewellery repair specialist or jewellery store which has a repair division or expert. A place which has years of experience or any form of recognized accreditation is definitely the best way to go. Being able to trust the people you’re going to use is also important so make sure to ask as many questions as you like and keep in contact during the time your jewellery is being repaired.

Can all damage be repaired?

Not all damage is created (or repaired) equally. A jeweller may advise not to do some kinds of repairs as it may possibly compromise or make the damage worse, but you can go for an alternative opinion. This happens often with chains as very small links are hard to replace or reattach. Going to a trusted jeweller or repair specialist is very important in these instances as you need to know what kind of subsequent damage the repair work could cause (if any). 

What kind of repair does your jewellery need?

Common repair needs include loose stones like diamonds and gemstones, broken or damaged links on a chain, ring resizing or loose prongs (prongs are those little pieces of precious metal that fold over the top of a precious stone to keep it in place). Other repairs may include scratches or discoloration. It goes without saying that different kinds of repair jobs will have varying costs so it’s important to get a detailed quote from the jeweller before any repair work is done. 

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