Where to Buy Tanzanite Earrings in 2020

Where to Buy Tanzanite Earrings in 2020

Tanzanite is one of the rarest gemstones on earth. Much like its name suggests, these gemstones are found in Tanzania. 

Tanzanites are found in the shade of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is the only place in the world where these gemstones have been discovered. 

Like other coloured gemstones, the most valuable of tanzanite stones are saturated and deep in their colour. So if you are interested in investing in a top-quality pair of tanzanite earrings, you’ll need to purchase these from a reputable jeweller that only uses the best quality gemstones. 

And the mystique that surrounds tanzanite has no better partner than Jenna Clifford, a jewellery brand that is deeply inspired by nature. Fortunately for you, Jenna Clifford carries a range of tanzanite earrings that highlight the best of these vibrantly coloured stones. 

For a modern take on tanzanite

The angular and modern Agatka Stud Earrings present a pair of periwinkle blue tanzanites in four double prongs. The elegant pairing of blue and white gold brings out the striking colour of these stones, which are a perfect example of the trichroic quality of tanzanites. When gazing into these stones, you’ll also see deep royal blue, as well we shades of violent. 

This collective of colour is framed by a cushion-shaped crust of diamonds that complement the gleaming tanzanites.  

For vintage lovers

Or, if you’re looking for tanzanite earrings with a more vintage feel, you could opt for these Jordyn Earrings, which feature a pair of emerald cut tanzanites. The strong geometric lines and internal reflections of these stones emphasise their array of colour: with visibly alternating shades of deep blue, violent, and gentle periwinkle. 

This feast of colour is framed in white gold, with a pair of diamond baguettes, and an array of circular diamonds. 

For shimmering shades of purple

For tanzanite earrings with more violent undertones, how about these Georgia Stud Earrings? These rich shades of purple are shown to their best in an oval cut. The central stone is displayed prominently in four prongs. The centrepieces are surrounded by a square white gold setting with a trim of circular diamonds. 

For drama and impact

And for tanzanite earrings that give us the best of blue and violent, you could consider these dramatic Oval Tanzanite Earrings. These oval stones are prominently placed within a circular crust of glistening diamonds. This shining sphere is suspended on a white gold bar that sports an additional two diamonds. Above this, are three white gold roses, set beneath diamond-encrusted petals. 

For contemporary design

For a modern take on the tanzanite, you could purchase the Lunetta Stud Earrings, which are available in either an angular square or teardrop design. 

As with all Jenna Clifford designs, these earrings are mastercrafted by the best of South African jewellers. They feature a dazzling set of tanzanites, set in either four progs (for the square set) or three prongs (for the teardrop) set. Both variations of the design are complemented by a frame of petite white diamonds, and a white gold setting. 

With designs like these that show off the features that have made tanzanite famous, we can’t wait to purchase our next set of earrings from Jenna Clifford. 




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