Where to Find The Best Jewelry Remodeling Services in Johannesburg

Where to Find The Best Jewelry Remodeling Services in Johannesburg

Sometimes, it's good to take the “out with the old, in with the new” saying seriously, especially when it comes to something as important as your personal style, and how you present yourself to the world. This can involve changing up your wardrobe, which likely will have an effect on your jewelry as well. Some pieces may not be suitable to your new image, may have other connotations that you would like to break from, or quite simply put, might just be in need of a refresh. Jewelry remodeling is a service that can make a world of change to your existing pieces. So what exactly is it, and where should you go if you’re looking to get it done in Johannesburg?

What is Jewelry Remodeling?

Jewelry remodeling is also called upcycling, reworking or recycling, as you are essentially turning an existing piece of jewelry into something brand new. This process effectively turns an original piece of jewelry into something fresh, creating a bespoke piece in the process. This can not only add to the sentimentality of a piece, but is a great idea if you’re celebrating a milestone like an anniversary, and rather than replacing your ring, you simply wish to “upgrade” the piece. Remodeling can be initiated from a variety of intentions, most of which, it can help turn a piece of jewelry into something more modern, and more in line with your tastes, especially as they tend to change when we get older.

Jenna Clifford

When it comes to a jewelry brand you can trust, Jenna Clifford is likely on the tip of your tongue. Known for their bespoke pieces and for giving customers from all walks of life the opportunity to create pieces to fall in love with, this household name has a couple of incredible stores across the country. With custom remodeled designs listed on their website, you may not even need to go as far as bringing in your own piece of jewelry to get what you want. Knowing that the pieces came from a different design, and that they have a history attached to them, may add to the allure and encourage you to get a couple of your other pieces remodeled. 

The Diamond Ring

The Diamond Ring loves working on restorations and redesigns for old diamond rings and other unwanted jewelry. Their speciality is working on pieces that may have been passed down from another generation, which people are considering selling, because they don’t particularly like it. This shouldn’t even be a consideration, especially as it was left by a loved one and doesn’t deserve to end up in a shop somewhere. By working on an existing piece, turning it into something you love, you’re not only keeping the piece in the family, but also possibly creating something for you to pass on to one of your heirs too. History doesn’t have as much of an importance today as it did in previous generations, but there are places where tradition is still welcome, especially with sentimental jewelry. 

Point Jewellery Exchange

Point Jewels likes to take jewelry you don’t wear anymore and to turn them into a modern piece of art, using a collection of gemstones and metals, or even both! They call it upcycling. They have an existing system in place to get the right information out of you, even if you don’t know what exactly you would like to turn the piece into. This is a great starting point and can help you to feel like a bigger part of the overall process. They play open cards about what can be used and what can’t (silver, for example, is very expensive to recycle), and their prices are competitive relative to other businesses in the area. Expect a three to four week turnaround on a remodeled piece from them.



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