Where To Go To Renew Your Old Jewelry in 2020


Where To Go To Renew Your Old Jewelry in 2020

Does it feel like it’s time for a refresh? Perhaps you’re setting into the new year, tackling some resolutions, one of which is related to decluttering your home and personal items, or completely rethinking your personal style. If this is the case, considering jewelry renewal could be a great option, especially if you’ve got some pieces in your possession which you may have inherited from a loved one born into an older generation. So what is jewelry renewal exactly, and where can you go to get this done in South Africa? We’ve done some digging for you, and are happy to help to put you on your way today. 


What is Jewelry Renewal?


Jewelry renewal refers to practices of restoration and revival, where an existing piece of jewelry is transformed from a somewhat antiquated state, to a more modern, fashionable piece. The piece continues to hold the same sentimental value it had when you received it, but is “renewed” or “revived” back to modern times, which not only allows you to wear it more often, but also helps to preserve its quality and relevance over time. This may even present you with an opportunity to pass it down to the next generation, encouraging them to do so as well. 


Revival by Jenna Clifford


In 2018, renowned jewelry Jenna Clifford launched a brand new service that opened up an entirely new arc of the business. Seeing a gap in the market related to a large amount of unused and unwanted jewelry (we can’t all love every gift we receive!), they saw an opportunity it rethinking these pieces, pairing up consumers with expert in-house tradesmen who are able to turn precious items like gold, diamonds and other stones into magnificent newly created heirlooms. 


Contemporary Jewelry At Your Fingertips


Besides turning the pieces into more aesthetically appealing options, the process also allows consumers to get creative in how they define their own style through their existing jewelry. This allows for a more contemporary feel regardless of the age of the pieces, and depending on how much you want to spend, this can transform a piece into an entirely new idea altogether. Better yet, to do so is as simple as visiting their website and requesting an appointment. Alternatively, you can also upload a picture of your heirloom with a little bit of information directly to their website, which is not only a convenient choice, but gives their team the chance to put their heads together before sharing a few ideas with you. 


Making Lasting Memories


This service can be rare to find in South Africa, especially as it is considered to be a fairly time consuming process, but Jenna Clifford keeps it as simple as possible, allowing you to walk away with a piece that holds special value in your heart, while also becoming something you absolutely love, especially now that you’ve had a hand in designing the piece in the first place. Make a family member or two a part of the process, and you’ll have a memory lasting for a lifetime. Enjoy the ride!



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