Why Buying Jenna Clifford Jewelry is the Way To Go

Why Buying Jenna Clifford Jewelry is the Way To Go

When it comes to jewelers in South Africa, only a few names pop up in the minds of most people. One of those is Jenna Clifford, a top jewelry designer and manufacturer, and a company providing first class jewelry to citizens from across the country. But why is buying from Jenna Clifford the way to go, if you’re looking for a new piece? There are a couple of reasons, which we’ll detail for you today, giving you a sense of what you’re in for when you choose them as you preferred supplier.

A Jeweler You Can Trust

Established back in the early 90’s, Jenna Clifford is a family owned jewelry design company that is fast approaching their 30th birthday. One thing that has always set them apart from the competition, is the fact that they only use local suppliers to create their designs. It’s part of an ingrained ethos that is strictly against mass production and with a focus on craft and refinement. Employing over 60 people in multiple locations, they’ve also got a willingness to help support what has become a thriving ecosystem of jewelers across the country. 

Excellent Service and Prices

With a state of the art website, Jenna Clifford is renowned for great deals, solid trend insights and well priced pieces of all shapes and sizes. Get to know their dynamic team, just to get a better sense of who you may be dealing with. When it comes to year round specials, their website and newsletter are both great avenues for intel. When it comes to milestone events, like Valentine’s Day, Matric Dance and engagements, their site should be a first stop, as you’ll be able to get a clear idea of their range. Don’t be shy to visit one of their flagship stores in person, as they may also be running great in-store specials, that won’t necessarily be a part of their digital campaign.

Celebrities Love Jenna Clifford

Don’t trust our word for it: in recent months one of South Africa’s most popular celebrities, Minnie Dlamini, wore a custom made Jenna Clifford wedding ring. Many celebrities opt for a brand they can trust, and with a reputation for offering bespoke jewelry designs, the customisation capabilities are what draws in most of the higher end clientele. You don’t need to be a celebrity, to feel like one. Jenna Clifford also has an extensive range of men’s jewelry and watches, which are popular among male celebrities too. More often than not, that beautiful necklace or stylish cufflinks you’re seeing on Instagram, may have come from one of Jenna Clifford’s stores.

How To Go About Your Next Purchase

If you’re keen to get your next piece of jewelry from Jenna Clifford, then popping them a message online, or calling a store near you, is the way to go. Come prepared with any questions you may have, as well as what it is you are looking for in particular. If they don’t have what you are looking for, remember they are renowned for their custom made designs, so be sure to find out about these and the pricing attached to making your own piece from scratch. Regardless of the occasion, you’re guaranteed a good experience with Jenna Clifford. Happy jewelry hunting!



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