Why You Should Revive Your Jewelry in 2020

Why You Should Revive Your Jewelry in 2020

The age old saying of “out with the old, in with the new” may apply to an ex or a job that made you unhappy, but sometimes people like to apply the saying to their fashion choices as well. While a wardrobe refresher can be worthwhile, especially as the seasons change, when you’re investing in high priced items like jewelry, it pays to consider alternatives to selling your existing stock and buying new pieces to replace them. This can be difficult to do, factoring in inflationary increases each year, so some modernists are shedding new light on jewelry revival, which allows you to keep an existing piece, but gives you the opportunity to “revive” or upgrade it based on your current taste and fashion sense.

The Purpose of Jewelry Revival

Jewelry revival is a process designed to transform pieces from antiquity to modernity. This is a way of bringing old pieces of jewelry to life, or simply giving new meaning to sentimental items. This is common practice in the jewelry industry, and more often than not people are quick to toss out or sell pieces that they are no longer interested in wearing. Worse yet, this happens all too often with pieces that have been passed down between generations, which often results in valuable items ending up at pawn shops across the country. People are quick to sell, but a little bit of extra consideration for revival can make a world of difference. 

Keeping Your Bank Balance Healthy

The first reason why it pays to revive your jewelry is a practical one, namely, it is more affordable to revive pieces (depending on the metal and stone of course) than it is to buy a new piece of jewelry outright. Jewelry revival gives you the chance to go through your entire collection, singling out specific pieces that you would like to make a part of your wardrobe this year, and budgeting accordingly to have them refurbished based on your own unique ideas. Reviving a piece of jewelry goes above the old shine and polish; you’d be surprised to know what renowned jewelers like Jenna Clifford can do when given the chance to transform a piece of jewelry. 

Planning For The Future

The news often emphasises planning for the future, and particularly so if you have a family or are planning to start one of your own. This means that you’ll one day pass on valuables to your children, and what better way to do so than to give them something that has sentimental value to you? If you start reviving pieces now, you can encourage your children to do the same and essentially start a new family tradition, which will see generation after generation benefiting from an updated piece of jewelry. In these technological times it can be hard to try and connect with the younger generation, and this is an easy way to make everyone a part of the process in one swoop.

An Updated Look For the 2020’s

Reviving your jewelry means reviving your overall style for the 2020’s, which a lot of people are choosing to do, bidding farewell to the last decade. Whether you’re a ring, bracelet or necklace person, your favourite items can be completely transformed by the jewelry revival process, which not only gives you access to updated, modern pieces to wear during the day at work, or at night for a social occasion, but allows you a variety of choices at a fraction of the cost to buy replacement pieces. If the 2020’s are your years to upgrade your personal style and to give yourself an extra confidence boost, considering jewelry revival is a great first step to put you on your way.



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