Yellow Gold Jewellery – A Review

Yellow Gold Jewellery – A Review 

For many of us, it’s hard to remember just why yellow gold jewellery went out of style. This warm, gleaming gold is just everywhere. 

But is this revival of a once-beloved jewellery box staple deserved? And will it last? We’ll take a look at yellow gold jewellery.


When purchasing an expensive piece of jewellery, it is important that it lasts. That’s why you should consider the durability of your preferred material before purchasing any fine jewellery. 

So if you love the look of yellow gold, you’re in luck. Yellow gold might be less durable than metals like rose cold, or the uber tough platinum, but it is still durable enough for everyday wear. 

While your gold jewellery might be at risk of bumps and scratches (particularly with rings), it won’t rust, discolour or wear away. Yellow gold is also the easiest to maintain of all the shades of gold. 


Yellow gold is a precious metal, so it certainly is not cheap. That being said, it is still considerably more affordable than other metals. Pricey platinum, for example, is up to 30% more expensive than yellow gold.

And yellow gold is also typically less expensive to alternatives such as white gold. But the cost of yellow gold jewellery will depend on the karat weight of the item. Since yellow gold jewellery (like the other shades of gold) is made with gold alloys and not with pure gold, the cost of items will depend on how much pure gold is in the mix. 

The rule of thumb is this: the higher the karat weight, the more pure gold is in the item. And with this higher karat weight comes a higher price and lower durability. So if you’re looking for a piece that will last, and be kind to your bank account, consider a lower karat weight item. 


Yellow gold is prised for its warm, right colour. Remember though, that yellow gold does suit some skin tones better than others. Those with dark skin, an olive complexion, or tan will be flattered by yellow gold. This colour can “wash out” those with a cooler complexion. 

But there are a few other perks that come along with the colour of yellow gold. This colour is the result of the mix of metals included in the gold alloy – including copper, silver and zinc. And this is the reason that yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic of all the shades of gold. 

This warm yellow also pairs well with diamonds, which is a huge pro if you are shopping for fine jewellery. By pairing a high-quality diamond with yellow gold, the excellent colour of the stone will be emphasised. By pairing a poor quality stone with yellow gold, the yellow hue of the stone will be deemphasised. It’s a win-win. 


Do you dream of intricate detailing on a bracelet or earrings? Fortunately for you, yellow gold is malleable, so the embellishments you hope for are well within reach. 

So have we been won over by yellow gold? Definitely.



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