The Next Big Thing In Engagement Rings

The Next Big Thing In Engagement Rings If we were to compare side-by-side a typical engagement ring from our grandparent’s era, to one that is popular now, you’d immediately notice a huge difference – not only in the style, but also the stones, the setting and the metals used. Yellow...

Unique Wedding Band Ideas For Men - The Big Guide

These days, men’s diamond engagement and wedding rings are becoming increasingly more popular. And, well why should men miss out on all of the fun? Whether you prefer a white gold, yellow gold or a rose gold finish, men’s diamond wedding bands are an alternative to a more traditional, classic style and provide an appropriate option for the modern day groom. Not too sure if diamonds are your style? Well, the only way to find out is to try one on! Setup a one-on-one consultation with a Jenna Clifford representative to help you find..

Jenna Clifford Ring Prices SA – From the Sublime to the Superb

The ring is an article of jewellery around which tradition, antiquity, utility and symbolic meaning are centred. Rings can be also worn simply for aesthetic reasons and set with different gemstones which are significant to the wearer for their symbolism as a birthstone to ancient mythology. At Jenna Clifford, rings are master-crafted in 18ct and 9ct gold and set with the highest quality, ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Our engagement and wedding band design is a separately handled entity, involving one-on-one

Jenna Clifford – The Woman Behind The Empire

Jewellery collectors and admirers of the finer things in life are well acquainted with the name Jenna Clifford. The brand has become synonymous with quality, integrity, glamour and class. But there is so much more to this exceptional brand than this; Jenna Clifford incorporates personality into each and every one of their pieces. For close on 3 decades, Jenna Clifford has established a brand, grown an empire and strategized a continuous improvement strategy on their exclusive ranges. Jenna Clifford Biography Jenna Clifford

Jenna Clifford Wedding Ring Range for Men Overview

Does your future husband perhaps have a family heirloom wedding band worn by his forefathers that he might like to wear, himself? Ensure you’ve covered all bases in what his expectations are; there is no point in putting in the hard yards to find what you consider to be the perfect ring for him – all to find out he had his heart set on wearing his grandfather’s custom commission. Once you have that base cleared, selected the metal, and mulled over designs, review your ring choice. Would he honestly love wearing that ring