A Closer Look at Pink Diamonds

A Closer Look at Pink Diamonds

As a whole, diamonds can be very mystical. In old folk tales, there is talk of the mesmerising effect of pink diamonds in particular. Evoking a sense of luxury and romance, these gems are often underappreciated and considered secondary to your traditional, opaque diamond, but today we’ll explore them a little further, revealing a couple of reasons why it’s worth believing otherwise.

What are Pink Diamonds?

A pink diamond refers to a coloured diamond with pink colour qualities. What makes them unique, is that they usually contain an additional modifying colours, the most common of which being purple brown and orange. As with all diamonds, the stronger the colour, the higher the price tag tends to be. Pink diamonds remain mysterious to this day, as scientists remain fairly unsure of how they get their pink tinge. Some experts believe that as the traditional white diamond is forced to the surface of the earth, the structure of the diamond is compromised, causing a deformation. This flaw causes the stone to absorb light differently, emitting a pink tinge. 

Why Pink Diamonds are Unique

Pink diamonds are mostly unique for their value and rarity. If a pink diamond is graded “intense” or “vivid”, its value may even get close to that to that of other rare stones, like the blue diamond. That’s not to say that all pink diamonds are unaffordable, though. It really depends on the modifying colour. A brown hue, for example, is fairly common and not so difficult to get your hands on, and this may make it a little more practical of a stone choice. Keep in mind that when it comes to something like a purple hue, the price skyrockets, and so does the value of the overall stone.

A Changing Landscape: Pink Diamonds for Everyone

While pink is traditionally a feminine colour, we are seeing it creep into masculine fashion lines and in particular in certain watch ranges that have become popular this year. The world is entering into a new decade, and the 2020’s will mark a time of greater inclusion and self expression. Gone are the days when pink was used as a way to emasculate men, and more men, especially in the younger generation, are starting to incorporate the colour into their wardrobes. Explore the various ranges on offer at your nearest jeweler, and don’t be shy to ask about the pretty pink diamond cufflinks that may have caught your attention. 

Where to Shop For Your Next Pink Diamond

When it comes to buying a pink diamond, be it for a special occasion, or as an investment, it’s important to do your research and to ensure the quality and validity of the jeweler you are buying from. Jenna Clifford, for example, has many checks and balances in place to help set your mind at ease. It may be a good idea to start by checking in with them, finding out a little more about the stone from them. When passing the piece of jewelry down to one of your children or grandchildren, you won’t regret having made such an informed decision at the start of the process.