Black Wedding Rings: Fab or Fad?


Black Wedding Rings: Fab or Fad?


Black wedding rings have been around for about as long as traditional gold wedding rings, so why are they only being spoken of as a serious alternative to the conservative choice now? Millennials in particular have hopped onto the trend of using these types of rings for their big day, so we figured it may help to decipher this trend. Today, we’ll explore what black wedding rings are made of, the symbolic meaning behind them, which has attracted a lot of young people to them, as well as a couple of reasons why they are growing in popularity in the 2020’s. 


What is a Black Wedding Ring Made Of?


Black wedding bands are traditionally made of titanium and tungsten, two metals that are renowned for their strength, hardness and endurance. This has lead to their popularity as true symbols of eternal commitment to one another, with the colour itself emphasizing the power and strength of the commitment itself. Other black wedding rings are made of crystal variants, although these are not nearly as popular or durable, and should only be considered when designing showpieces with a bespoke company. 


The Symbolic Meaning Behind Black Wedding Rings


While an important feature of these rings is their strength and endurance, symbolically they are also significant as something different than the traditional wedding ring options. Many couples opt for a less convervative approach to their wedding day, with some modern pairings even doing courthouse weddings to save on some costs for their future. Every couple is different, and together the partners must decide what works for them financially, practically and aesthetically. 


Why Black Rings Are Growing in Popularity


With many people choosing to live more minimalistically, the allure of matching black wedding rings has never been as strong as they are today. Some couples are feverishly against the idea of a grand Hollywood-style wedding, with some brides also preferring the idea of something simple, that can perhaps be customised to more closely represent the creative views of the pair. LGBT couples also particularly enjoy these as an alternative to an engagement and/or a wedding ring, mostly because the rings are gender neutral, and gay couples in particular resonate to the rings as a symbol for resillience, strength and endurance. 


The Best Place To Buy Your Wedding Ring


It certainly isn’t our place to make a judgement call on whether black wedding rings are a fad or fab. Depending on your needs as a couple, this can be the perfect option to consider, or they may not be your cup of team. Jenna Clifford can help you decide, considering their tremendous range of wedding and engagement rings, as well as the fact that they have expert consultants on hand to help you make the best decision possible. Jot down a couple of ideas and schedule an appointment with them after checking out their extensive online catalogue too. You won’t be sorry you did, and you’ll end up with a piece that not only speaks to you on an individual level, but resonates with your partner as well.