Custom Engagement Ring Trends 2019


Custom Engagement Ring Trends 2019


Jewellery should reflect a person’s specific style and what jewellery is more important than an engagement and wedding ring? These rings represent not only the wearer but also their unique relationship. In 2019, many brides are opting for custom-made wedding rings, finding that the standard ring does not adequately symbolise their celebration milestone. 

If you find that the classic styles do not put a sparkle in your eye, then it may be time to take to the trend of custom engagement rings. 


Show Your True Colours


The traditional clear diamond has been the standard in engagement rings but colourful stones are starting to gain popularity. Not every bride wants a traditional look and coloured stones provide a refreshing way to bring personality into an engagement ring. Coloured stones are often chosen from the wearer’s birth month or to represent the month that the couple met. Coloured stones often add additional meaning to the ring. Prince Harry proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s sapphire ring as a way of including his mother in their celebration. This further sparked the trend of coloured stone engagement rings. 


Get Fancy 


The round diamond is the most common shape for engagement rings. This year, many brides are opting for fancy-shaped or non-round stones in their custom-made rings. There has been a particular rise in oval and pear-shaped stones, bringing new life to a traditional symbol. 


Vintage Vibes


If you are a romantic at heart then you, like many other 2019 brides, may enjoy bringing a vintage feel into your custom ring. This can be done by using red or yellow gold in colour and using gorgeous vintage styles in the setting with flowers and filigree. 


Share Your Story


Many brides use their rings as a way to share their story and symbolise their relationship. An example of this is the very popular three stone ring which represents the couple’s past, present and future together. Another way of adding symbolism and storytelling to a ring is by using engraving that is only visible to the wearer of the ring and can be seen when they take it off. 


In Detail


The latest 2019 custom-ring trend is using unique detail in the ring, whether in the gallery or in the halo of the ring. The halo ring has a setting that encircles the centre stone of the ring and it makes the centre stone look much larger than it actually is. These settings can be custom created to look like anything from snowflakes to petaled flowers. If you prefer more subtle detail then you can follow the beautiful trend of placing detail in the gallery of the ring. The gallery is the part of the ring that is only visible from the side view and sits under where the stone is mounted. Adding details, such as diamonds, to the galley of the ring is a way to customise a ring and set a classic ring apart from the rest. 


The Process


Like the idea of a custom-designed ring? Then the process is a simple and enjoyable one. Firstly, you will discuss your personal taste, design preferences, wear-ability and budget with the designer. You may have something in mind or you may need guidance as you create your unique design. Secondly, the designer will take your brief and draw up your special creation within approximately nine working days. Finally, on approval of the design, your ring will be ready within two to four weeks depending on the capacity of the workshop and the availability of the chosen materials.