Diamond Engagement Ring Trends 2019


Diamond Engagement Ring Trends 2019


With half the year already past us, numerous gorgeous engagement ring trends have emerged. One thing has remained constant; diamonds are still the go-to and the celebs have set the scene with how best to wear them. From yellow gold to multiple stones, engagement rings have never been so spectacular. 


Royal with Yellow and Rose Gold


Yellow gold is in vogue this year with the royals. Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Sussex both opted for yellow, influencing this year’s trend. For the past decade, white gold has been the standard for engagement rings and seen as the modern choice. The warmer and more vintage colors are now being used in modern settings, creating a dynamic aesthetic. They are also used to create gorgeous vintage pieces. 


The More the Merrier with Multiple Stones


This year couples are buying multiple-stone rings from simple to the extreme. The most popular of the multiple-stone ring is the three-stone ring. Once again, Meghan Markle set the trend with her magnificent and elegant three-stone ring. What makes this ring special is its sentimental value with the three stones representing the couple’s past, present, and future together. The three-stone ring has a center with two smaller accent stones on either side. This look has been modernised by moving away from round accent stones to unique stones such as trillions and pears. 


Heavenly with a Halo Settings


Another common trend is engagement rings with halo settings. A halo setting has stones, such as diamonds, that surround the center stone. This setting makes the diamond looks larger than it is and has a captivating effect. This setting is versatile. The center stone can be simply lined by a rim of diamonds or it can have elaborate diamonds down the band to create an even bolder result. 


Getting Fancy


Numerous couples are opting for fancy shaped diamonds this 2019. A fancy-shaped diamond is any diamond that is not round. These diamonds are known for their glamour and impact. There has been an increase in demand for pear and oval-shaped diamonds. There has also been an increase in the ever-appealing and regal elongated marquise-shaped diamond. Traditionally, engagement rings are a round solitaire or single diamond with no accent. The move towards fancy shaped stones indicates a desire for a contemporary look and feel. 


Playing to the Gallery 


Another much loved and impactful trend of 2019, is accenting the gallery of the ring with diamonds or other fine details. This gives the ring a unique and special finish. 


Colouring Outside the Lines


2019 is the year of colour with couples marking their engagements with different colours diamonds from yellow to the very rare red in colour. 


(B)Ringing it in for Final Thoughts


2019 is the year where some traditional styles returned (yellow gold) and others were bypassed for the contemporary in the form of coloured diamonds and elaborate settings. The trends have been superb but what counts when choosing your ring or a ring for your partner is matching it to the wearer and no one else.