Engagement Ring vs Wedding Band – Know The Difference

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Band – Know The Difference 

Engagement rings and wedding rings are both symbols of love, commitment and of course a reflection of our own personal style, but they are different and cannot be treated as the same. They have different meanings, styles, timing and costs. You buy an engagement ring for the proposal, and you both exchange wedding rings during the wedding ceremony

Engagement Rings Explained

The engagement ring is when you ask, "will you marry me?" The huge moment; the one that has your palms sweating and your heart racing. This is the moment you want to open a beautiful case and amaze your future bride or groom with a well thought-out ring, one that conveys your promise and allows for a glimpse of your future life together.

Engagement rings were believed to have originated as early as the dawn of mankind. It is said that the first engagement rings held the purpose of literally binding a woman. This means that she will no longer be able to get away from a certain man because she is already symbolically tied with him. Later on, the meaning of engagement rings took a less restrictive one as it was given to a woman even if it will not end up in marriage but only for the belief of true love.

Wedding Rings Explained

Wedding rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony. This gesture says that the two of you are united “from this day forward.” Both the bride and groom will wear a wedding ring, while only the bride will typically wear the engagement ring.

Wedding rings are simpler in design when compared to engagement rings. The style is normally a continuous band that has no beginning, nor end. This symbolizes eternal love and unity – perhaps the reason for female wedding rings being referred to as infinity bands? It's usually made of a precious metal like gold or platinum. The tradition of exchanging wedding rings goes back 4,800 years to ancient Egypt. Back then, the rings were made of stuff like braided papyrus and reeds. The circle was a symbol of eternity and the hole was a symbol of a doorway to the future. 

Wedding Set – Combining Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

If the idea of having to consider, buy and match two separate rings is something you’d rather not embark on, a wedding set (also known as a bridal set) may be the simplest solution. A wedding or bridal set is a pair of rings – one typically with a set stone (either diamond, gemstone or semi-precious stone) while the other is simpler and has no setting. Buying a bridal set may tempt you to wear both rings when first getting engaged, however, the “plainer” of the two rings should be kept aside and only added to the set on the day of the wedding.

There are some advantages of choosing a bridal set: 

  • The rings will look good next to each other. You wouldn't have to worry about finding a matching wedding ring later.
  • They will fit comfortably together. Sometimes, rings that don't match will pinch the skin or have an unsightly gap.
  • You only have to buy her wedding jewellery once. And oftentimes, it saves you a bit of money to buy a set of rings.
  • If you buy a bridal set all at once, then you would only propose with the engagement ring. After she said yes, you can surprise her again by telling her you already have the matching wedding ring too. 

If you’re looking for an exquisite ready-made bridal set, or to have a custom design, get in touch with a Jenna Clifford Consultant today to setup your appointment.