Eternity Rings - A Full Review


A Deeper Dive Into Eternity Rings


For some of us, hearing about an “eternity” ring might evoke similar connotations to what is conventionally known as a “promise” ring. These were popularised by the Jonas Brothers at the height of their fame in the late 2000’s, and were meant to signify abstinence and essentially, a commitment and promise to oneself. Eternity rings, albeit that they are often confused for promise rings, are slightly different in their approach. An eternity ring is designed to be a symbol of everlasting love, worn by couples who plan to share an “eternity” together. Romantic, yes. Cute, absolutely. Let’s dive a little deeper.


What is an Eternity Ring?


Eternity rings are also known as infinity rings. More often worn by women, they consist of a precious metal that is usually gold, set with a line of gemstones or diamonds. With these rings, it's all about symbolic value. A spouse may gift an eternity ring on a significant anniversary (as we will see later), although it has become more popularised in younger generations, who tend to be less likely to get married, and are buying these with a different motive. Regardless of the changes among generations, eternity rings have a rich history, which doesn’t change when the intention behind the purchase is different.


The History of the Eternity Ring


The concept of a diamond eternity ring was started by De Beers back in the 1960’s. Having a direct supply to diamonds from Russia, the idea was thought of as a way to move diamond stock and to avoid long term stockpiling. These were predominantly aimed at older married women, with campaign slogans aimed at targeting husbands on an emotional level. Hearing "She married you for richer or poorer, so let her know how it’s going" tugged on many heartstrings at the time, and meant that men started forking out their savings to buy these rings and keep up with their counterparts.


When Is An Eternity Ring Appropriate?


Smart marketing aside, in modern times eternity rings are far more common among couples both young and older. A traditional view of eternity rings indicates that they are most appropriate for couples on their fortieth or fortieth anniversaries, though with divorce rates being at an all-time high, things have taken a slight turn. Modern couples are now opting to give these rings as gifts as early as their tenth anniversary, and nobody will bat an eyelid. A diamond ring designed to match an existing bridal set can also be a lovely first wedding anniversary present. The options are vast depending on your approach, so be sure to have an open conversation with your spouse about it first. 


Eternity Ring of Not, It’s Important Where You Buy Your Next Ring


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