Everything You Need to Know About Peridot - The August Gemstone


Everything You Need to Know About Peridot - The August Gemstone 


Every month has a gemstone and August is no exception. The brilliant stone of the current month is the green Peridot. The Peridot is in good company, with Spinel and Sardonyx, creating the bright triad of August birthstones. Peridot stones originate most commonly from volcanic lava that pushes the stone to the earth’s surface or from meteorites but this is extremely rare. This ancient stone is one of the oldest known used gemstones and is found throughout history from Roman rings to Russian crown jewels. The name Peridot is Arabic in origin from the word faridat which means gem. With the majority of Peridots being supplied from rich and densely-filled deposits, it is easy to obtain this gorgeously green birthstone at an affordable price. 


The Green Light


Peridots are known for their rich green hue. They are one of the only gemstones that come in one colour but the intensity of this colour differs across stones based on their iron content. The less iron and darker the green, the greater the value of the Peridot. A spectrum of Peridots can be found from brownish green to lime green. The highest quality hue is green without traces of yellow or brown, with brown-tinged Peridots being of the lowest quality. The rarest Peridots are pure green in colour and usually originate from Pakistan and Myanmar.

Regardless of shade, the radiant green does not alter with light, earning the Peridot the nickname “emerald of the evening”. This stone is in fact greatly associated with light and the ancient Egyptians believed that the Peridot or “gem of the sun” warded its wearer from the dangers of the night. 


The Celebration Stone


In 1912 the American National Association of Jewellers declared the Peridot as the August birthstone. It is thought to protect anyone born in this month and give its wearer joy, renewal, protection and confidence. It is also said to create good luck, peace and prosperity. Regarding healing, it is described as a stone that balances the nerves and offers to heal to the whole body. This stone is also the milestone gift given to celebrate a 16th wedding anniversary. 


Pricing the Peridot


The price of the Peridot is determined by its colour – the less iron, darker green colour stones without yellow or brown tinge are more valuable. The size and carat weight also affect the price of the stone. As expected, the larger the size and weight of the stone the greater the price. When purchasing Peridot, make sure to look for a stone with high clarity. High clarity Peridots have no visible inclusions or small black spots that can be seen by the naked eye or even under magnification. Common inclusions in Peridots are called “lily pads” which are disc-like marks on the stone which diminish the stone’s value. 

If the Peridot has caught your eye then let us help you select the perfect shape, setting, size and colour of this gorgeous “gem of the sun”.