Frederique Constant Watches – A Review

A quality timepiece is an investment. But there’s no reason why it should be inaccessible. This is the central value of the makers of Frederique Constant watches: the latest addition to the Jenna Clifford range. 

Started in 1988, this Swiss watch brand aimed to create luxury that is accessible. The brand states that the Frederique Constant watch will exceed expectation in design, innovation, passion, and quality. That’s a tall order. So, does it meet these goals? We review Frederique Constant watches. 



A watch isn’t the kind of item you replace frequently. For this reason, you want to make sure you opt for a timeless timepiece. And this is a major focus of Frederique Constant designs, which focus on a classic and traditional look. 

The bulk of Frederique Constant designs feature a classic, circular face and either a leather or stainless steel link strap. 

But the beauty of a Frederique Constant is not just in the elements of the watch face. The makers of these fine watches are attentive to all components that are visible. These are all delicately decorated, often by hand. 

Some examples of work done by hand includes engravings, as well as the circular Côtes de Genève pattern that is added to finish off watches. Other examples of finishings applied by hand include rhodiage and perlage, where the watchmaker creates a pattern of small, overlapping circles. There is no detail too small to be overlooked on a Frederique Constant timepiece.



While the aesthetics of a watch are important (they are designed to be worn, after all), watches are functional. As a buyer, you need to be assured that these watches keep good time. 

So, are Frederique Constant watches accurate? Yes. In fact, this brand is so committed to accuracy in its designs, that it delivered buyers with the tools they need to measure the accuracy of their own watches with Frederique Constant Analytics. 

Through this innovation, anyone can attach an analytics clip to their piece. This syncs up with the analytics app, which delivers the results. This means it is easier than ever to keep track of your watch performance and to make sure your piece is serviced as needed. 

But what’s the point of all of this technology if the product itself is not up to scratch? Well, there’s no need to fret there either. All Frederique Constant watches are assembled by hand and are taken through numerous quality checks. 


Where to shop for Frederique Constant watches

But these Swiss watchmakers do not sell directly to the public in South Africa. So where can you make your purchase? 

Jenna Clifford is an authorised reseller of Frederique Constant, and these classic timepieces are available at all physical Jenna Clifford stores, as well as through the E-Boutique. 

So if you’re convinced by what we have to say about Frederique Constant watches, why don’t you spend some time browsing the online catalogue over at Jenna Clifford? The store features a number of timeless men’s and women’s designs. Search for your perfect piece today.