How Much You Should Be Spending on a Men’s Dress Watch

How Much You Should Be Spending on a Men’s Dress Watch

If 2020 is your year to climb the career ladder, you may want to consider adding a couple of items of jewelry to your workwear selection. Men often forget about what should be an unforgettable piece indicating style and sophistication: a dress watch. In times when we’re constantly checking appointments on our phones, or waking up with digital alarm clocks set through fancy apps, very few people still consider this gentlemanly finish to any outfit. If you’d like to stick out in the crowd, then exploring some options for dress watches and other accessories is the way to go. But how much should you expect to pay for a new one in 2020? Let’s see. 

Where To Wear Dress Watches

You may be wondering if buying a dress watch will only allow you the opportunity to wear it to work each week. Keep in mind, that we usually spend upwards of 40 hours a week at work, especially if you’re in a corporate executive role, so the watch will be getting a lot of mileage out of that. Alternatively, there are evening functions to go to related to work, socials with friends, especially special occasions (like birthdays, weddings, engagements and more), so before you know it, the dress watch may become something you automatically put on in the morning. We underestimate the value of this piece of jewelry, especially in how it gives us confidence and keeps us trendy in the process. 

Expected Price Range To Consider

Dependant on the brand and model, you can expect to pay anywhere from R2000 for an entry-level dress watch, to around R10 000 for a higher-end model. Traditionally, these were much more expensive, and were only considered as gifts for promotions and milestone events. These days, they are a lot more accessible to the market, and you can get a beautiful piece of craftsmanship for less than you bargained for. A lot of e-Tailers are offering great discounts on their ranges, especially at the start of the year, so looking at some options before the year gets into full swing may be very useful. 

Buying a Men’s Dress Watch For Him

If you’re looking to buy a men’s dress watch for your partner, it helps to find out if he’s ever worn a watch before in his past, especially as he was growing up. This will help you to get a sense as to whether it is something he may enjoy receiving, or if you’re better off exploring other options. When it comes to buying a watch for someone else, especially such a personal piece, it makes sense to get their opinion, so what works is setting out your budget, and visiting a store with him, or alternatively, buying a voucher, so you can go together and buy something he likes. This also becomes a great bonding experience, and is a wonderful way to express your pride and love in a small way. Remember, that it should be an enjoyable process. Let him take his time, and explore some catalogues together, and watch him wake up with a smile on his face each morning.