In Comparison: Silver vs. Platinum Jewelry

In Comparison: Silver vs. Platinum Jewelry

For many people, even just knowing just a single difference between silver and platinum jewelry is a bit of a stretch. You’re not alone if you have also wondered about the differences between the two, especially if you’re considering buying a new piece of jewelry for yourself, or for your special someone. Both of these metals are aesthetically beautiful, although from a composition standpoint, there are subtle differences to keep in mind, which we’ll discuss here. Let’s unpack those today, giving you a clearer sense of what might work better for the occasion that you are buying for. 

Surface Differences: Silver vs. Platinum Jewelry

Side by side, both silver and platinum jewelry have a silver appearance, though the two metals are actually relatively easy to discern with the naked eye. While both are gray in colour, platinum is a lot shinier than silver, which has a slightly more toned down appearance. In comparison to something like white gold, which has a warmer, almost yellow undertone, silver and platinum are a little harder to tell apart, but if you keep the shine factor in mind, you’ll be unlikely to mistake one for the other.

Wear & Tear

If you’re buying something that you’d like to last a while, it’s really a no brainer that platinum will be the better fit in terms of durability. Silver is a relatively soft metal, which can wear down quickly and may start to look a little run down over time. Platinum, which is a common choice in engagement rings, is made up predominantly of its composite metal and generally, albeit that it is shinier and it looks a little more fragile, will stand the test of time a lot better. It’s important to keep this in mind if you’re looking to buy something you’ll wear often.

Pricing Differences

As you may have guessed, platinum is generally at a higher price point than silver, which is known as a more common, affordable jewelry metal. Silver is great if you’re looking for a wider variety of jewelry, as you’ll be able to replace it more often, especially when considering maintenance and wear and tear. Platinum, however, is an investment purchase for sure. It is one of the most expensive metals in jewelry design, so it’s worth keeping that in mind upfront, and being prepared to fork out a little more for something that you may have to hold onto a little longer than a silver piece.

Your Next Platinum or Silver Piece of Jewelry

Whether you’ve decided to go for a silver or a platinum piece, it’s important to ensure you’re buying from a reputable source that will be able to answer all your questions, as well as offer you a wide range of options to choose from. Jenna Clifford has an incredible range of platinum and silver jewelry, which you can match to the occasion you’re buying for. Always remember that buying from a reputable source not only provides peace of mind that you’re buying an authentic product, but also gives you the opportunity to make an experience out of it, especially when it comes to buying something as important as an engagement or commitment ring. Whether you’re going with platinum or silver, you’re in good hands here.