Jenna Clifford Engagement Rings – 4 Most Popular Engagement Ring Types

Jenna Clifford Engagement Rings – 4 Most Popular Engagement Ring Types

Engagement rings are highly personal, sentimental and invaluable pieces of jewellery, often with hours of consideration, briefing and design having gone into their creation to make them as unique and customised as possible.

While the possibilities of what type of engagement ring to choose are endless, there are four types of engagement rings offered by Jenna Clifford that have proved to be most popular over the years.

Jenna Clifford Engagement Rings – Diamond

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About Diamond Engagement Rings

“While engagement rings have been around for centuries, diamonds are a fairly late addition to the party. For many years, there simply weren’t all that many diamonds on the world market, so diamond engagement rings were pretty rare. The rock Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 was an early exception.

Despite that high-profile ring, things stayed pretty quiet on the diamond front through the late 19th century.

In the 1870s, though, miners began discovering huge veins of diamonds in South Africa, and ice started flooding onto world markets. Diamonds had quickly gone from being a scarce gem to a pretty common commodity, which was bad news for everyone in the diamond business who wanted to fetch high prices for their wares. These mine owners realized they would have to be clever if they wanted to keep getting top dollar for an increasingly common gem.”

Jenna Clifford Engagement Rings – Morganite

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About Morganite Engagement Rings

“Interest in morganite engagement rings may have started in 2002, when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a 6.1 carat (ct) pink diamond. Pink picked up more momentum when Apple introduced its now iconic rose gold iPhone in 2013 and Pantone named “Marsala” — an earthy red hue that morganite compliments beautifully — the 2015 Color of the Year.

Fashion trends aside, pink has long been associated with love, romance, femininity and tenderness – so it’s not surprising that pink gems have an irresistible appeal. The color pink also flatters any skin tone.

The affordability of morganite – especially compared to pink diamonds – puts the look within reach of brides-to-be. It is easy to see why morganite engagement rings, especially those with rose gold settings, have become so popular.” 

Jenna Clifford Engagement Rings – Rose Gold

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About Rose Gold Engagement Rings

“Rose gold, as the name suggests, is a gold alloy with a pink hue. It is made from a combination of gold and copper, and the colour varies depending on the ratio of the components. The higher the carat, the purer the rose gold and the softer the pink hue, since the ratio of gold to copper is higher.

Therefore, an 18-carat rose gold ring will be paler in colour than a 9K rose gold ring, which may have a deeper red tone. Each are beautiful in their own right; choosing your precious metal all comes down to personal preference and taste.

Dusky pink is certainly the most popular and classic example of rose gold, and has been seen recently on a lot ring fingers that belong to fashion designers and celebrities alike.” 

Jenna Clifford Engagement Rings – Tanzanite

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About Tanzanite Engagement Rings

“With their electrifying purple-blue hue, tanzanite engagement rings make a bold, colourful and very fashionable alternative to the traditional sapphire. The colour of the stone is particularly eye-catching when contrasted with white diamonds, as you can see in our selection of unusual engagement rings featuring tanzanite in various cuts.” 

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