Jenna Clifford Wedding Ring Range for Men Overview

Jenna Clifford Wedding Ring Range for Men

The male wedding ring is as important as the female wedding ring – both in the wedding ceremony and life after the wedding. The ring is a symbol of many aspects of a relationship, as well as a means of conveying a message to their significant other throughout their marriage. The tradition of men wearing wedding rings is far newer than most people may think.

Looking back in history, it is possible to find a trend of only women wearing wedding bands. The ring was given to the woman as a proposal of marriage. It was only in the early 20th century that the tradition of male wedding rings as we know it began. During the World Wars, soldiers would wear wedding rings as a means of remembering their beloved wives back home; it is only after the Korean War that male wedding bands took on the sentimental value they have today. At this time the creation of matching wedding rings increased and designs specifically for men came about.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring for your Husband-to-Be

We place a significant amount of focus into selecting the perfect engagement and wedding rings for brides-to-be; the same should be true when selecting a wedding band for the future husband. While men don’t traditionally wear engagement rings, the wedding ring should take into account the wearer’s personality, personal style preference, metal preference, design and most importantly – the symbolism the couple wants to convey through their pieces.

Historically, male wedding bands were plain metal bands. Along the line, we are seeing an emergence of more intricate designs as men no longer have to worry about dirt collecting in the pattern, having the plain metal surface damaged during work, as well as personal style being expressed through their ring. The metal used for men’s wedding rings has also expanded from standard gold or silver, to new designs cast in stainless steel, tungsten and titanium. The harder the metal, the longer the ring will last and the more resistant to damage it will be.

Male wedding rings have changed over the years from being a means of remembering loved ones to a symbol of union. The hand the ring is worn on will differ depending on the culture. Most cultures will use the male wedding ring on the left ring finger (the fourth finger) which is believed to lead directly to the wearer’s heart. The wearing of the ring is, amongst other reasons, used to denote their marital status, to demonstrate their commitment and personal style, and most importantly, be a reminder of a love they have committed to.

So, how do you got about choosing the perfect wedding band for your future husband?

Male Wedding Rings: Choose Your Metal

This is a great starting point! The most popular wedding ring metals include:

  • Platinum: White/silver in colour, platinum is a great choice for a wedding band. Bear in mind that this metal is more expensive than gold because it’s rarer. It’s also extremely durable, and rings made with platinum are typically 95% platinum (with only 5% other metals mixed in). 
  • White Gold: White gold is an alloy made of pure gold, mixed with white metals like nickel, silver, or palladium, with rhodium plating – not to be confused with platinum. This plating gives it a look similar to platinum and is often used as a coating on jewellery. Over time, the coating may fade and the metal becomes more yellow in appearance—but it can always be recoated later. White gold is also less expensive than platinum.

  • Yellow Gold: Most people are familiar with yellow gold. But it’s important to note that most gold rings are not pure gold – other metals are often mixed in for stability and durability. This is denoted by means of karats (not to be confused with carats).

  • Rose Gold: A mix of gold and copper and sometimes a little bit of silver. Remember that the amount of copper vs. gold used in the design will affect whether the ring gold appears more red or more pink as a final product.

  • Palladium: A soft, silver-white metal that looks like platinum. Technically it belongs to the platinum family and tends to be a little bit cheaper and a bit softer.

  • Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is silver mixed with copper or other metals to make it more durable. The appearance ranges from bright white to greyish white.

All of these precious metals are pretty common for wedding bands. But there’s also been a recent trend choosing alternative metals:

Titanium or Tungsten Carbide: Both are  extremely durable , but some may say they appear less refined than other metals. This may appeal to future husbands who enjoy a rugged look and need extra durability in their design.

Silicone, an extremely casual option may be the “backup” ring of the wearer works with his hands a lot and would prefer to have a “place keeper” during work.

Male Wedding Rings: Know The Lingo

Carats vs. Karats: Carats with a “C” are used to measure the weight of diamonds and other gemstones. Karats with a “K” refers to the purity of gold. Gold is measured in 24 parts, and a karat is 1/24 of a portion. So 24-karat gold would be pure gold. Pure gold is often too soft for jewellery, so it’s mixed with other metals to hold its shape.

Male Wedding Rings: Sizing, Sizing, Sizing

By nature, men do tend to have wider fingers than women. As us women already know, few things can be as frustrating as having an ill-fitting wedding ring. Not only is it uncomfortable, it is also dangerous in that if it fits too loosely, it can slip off unnoticed at any time. Inversely, a tight-fitting ring can cut off blood circulation, become stuck and require cutting of the band to remove it.

With most materials, you can resize your ring if the measurements are wrong. While it is cheaper and less of a hassle to get it right the first time, it’s not always possible. Refer to our sizing guide here. Bear in mind that titanium and tungsten carbide cannot be resized due to the inherent strength of the metal itself, so if you are swaying toward buying a ring in either of these materials, ensure you get the right size from the get-go. 

Male Wedding Rings: Tradition and Personality

Does your future husband perhaps have a family heirloom wedding band worn by his forefathers that he might like to wear, himself? Ensure you’ve covered all bases in what his expectations are; there is no point in putting in the hard yards to find what you consider to be the perfect ring for him – all to find out he had his heart set on wearing his grandfather’s custom commission.

Once you have that base cleared, selected the metal, and mulled over designs, review your ring choice. Would he honestly love wearing that ring every day? While you may not want to show him the ring before the big day, consider two things: get a ring of similar structure and have him fit it. See if it is the right size for him. Secondly, find a ring that somewhat resembles your design and ask him what he thinks about it. Gauging from his reaction, you should have a great idea as to how well you’ve fared in your ring-finding venture. 

If you as a couple are open to finding, designing and commissioning your rings, setup an appointment with a respected jeweller for a one-on-one design brief. Jenna Clifford is waiting for your call!

If you need any advice on designing, commissioning or buying an already-made male wedding ring, our consultants are waiting to chat with you. Get in touch with one of our Jenna Clifford consultants to help you pick the perfect ring.