Men’s Platinum Ring Review

Men’s Platinum Ring Review     

Platinum is one of the rarest, most popular and luxurious of the metals. Metal is a crucial factor in deciding which ring to buy and it is the perfect starting point when ring shopping. There are many metals available for men’s rings but the most popular are platinum, gold, palladium, silver and tungsten. The below review will help you decide if platinum is your metal of choice.

Rare and Premium in Price

Platinum is one of the rarest metals found on earth and this means it demands a premium price. It is 30 times rarer than gold. This rarity makes it a befitting choice for something as meaningful as a wedding band. The price is escalated by the great demand for this metal outside of the jewellery industry. It is often used in everything from pacemakers to catalytic converters, reducing the toxicity of automobile emissions. 

Note: If you have a limited budget then platinum may not be the ideal choice.  

Striking in Appearance 

Platinum has an unbeatable lustre and white aesthetic that does not fade like other metals. White gold, for example, requires re-plating in order to not lose its colour and shine. 

Durable and Strong

Platinum is one of the strongest of the metals and the longest lasting due to its density and weight. Metals naturally wear with use but with platinum, the layers of metal do not wear off. It also does not tarnish and is a low-maintenance ring compared to other metals. It may need occasional steam or soak in soapy water but it is perfect for the man who has little time for upkeep and does not want to worry about being delicate with his jewellery as platinum won't crack or scratch. The durability means that the ring will not lose its shape or need future repair. The durability also means that the stones are less likely to fall out as the prongs are durable. White gold requires more general maintenance and may require prongs to be re-shanked. 

Note: This is the perfect low-maintenance ring fit for a high-activity and hands-on lifestyle.  


Platinum is hypoallergenic which means you will not get a rash from this metal, unlike gold and silver which must be nickel-free to avoid such reactions. 

Note: This is the perfect metal if you have sensitive skin. 

Pure of Form

You can purchase pure platinum. The purity is what makes the platinum hypoallergenic. Rings are “pure platinum” if they consist of 95% platinum where 18 karat gold consists of only 75% gold. Pure platinum rings will be stamped to verify their purity. They will usually have a parts-per-thousand number to indicate 950 parts platinum and 50 parts other metal for example. An example of this stamp number would be 950PLT to indicate 90% platinum. 

Platinum is an ideal metal of choice for many reasons and it can be made into many widths, finishes and styles to suit your personal preferences. If this is the ideal metal for you then contact us to purchase your platinum ring.