Men's Diamond Rings – Overview

Men's Diamond Rings – Overview

Diamonds are traditionally known to be a “girl’s best friend”, but in 2019, and with freedom of expression taking center stage, and gender norms being broken down across the world, who said it isn’t worth taking a look at how diamonds fit into the mould of traditional male jewellery? 

The fact that more men around the world are wearing jewelry today than ever before, serves to highlight the fact that we live in a time when it’s starting to be more possible to customise what you wear and to express yourself freely, without worrying about stigma and the so-called “norms” of established society. Let’s break down an area of this that has been little explored before now: men’s diamond rings, why they’re trendy, and which occasions they tend to be more appropriate for.

What’s the Occasion? Diamond Rings for Men

While not traditionally popular for day-to-day wear, diamonds are creeping further into celebratory and milestone events, especially in the form of engagement rings, anniversary presents and wedding bands. Who said a guy can’t rock a diamond encrusted ring as an engagement present from his other half? More and more people are looking towards customised options for milestone events that benefit both bride and groom, groom and groom or bride and bride, depending on the nature of the relationship. While it might take some convincing, grandma may also come around to the idea of giving hubby a diamond encrusted ring as a present, once she learns more about the sentimental nature of such a decision, and the intention behind the gift. 

Customised Options for Mens Diamond Rings

By customised options for mens diamond rings, we’re referring to an increase in sentimental purchases around these milestone events, that include both fiances choosing something to match their personal style, as well as making room for something a little more special to the couple itself. If both parties opt to wear rings during the engagement, there is an option to look at ways to subtly incorporate diamonds into both, as an act of solidarity, as well as a symbol of your love as a couple. You can even choose these and have them made together, breaking with the general idea shaped in popular culture from the 90’s. The opportunities are endless when you open your mind a little bit, and make room for more options than what you may have been made accustomed to while growing up.

Where to Get Your Next Diamond Ring

Whatever your needs may be, traditional or non-traditional, and whatever the occasion, you’re guaranteed to have a good experience when you consider doing so through Jenna Clifford. No question is a silly one, and no request is too big or too “out of the box”. While their range of diamond rings do give focus to their bridal collection, they are also one of the more forward facing brands in the industry, offering a range of bespoke and fine jewelry for men including rings, cufflinks and more. While most jewelers consider this section of merchandise to be the “graveyard stock”, Jenna Clifford makes a point about making customers of all sexes feel equally welcome, prioritising the development of their ranges across the board, and doing a fine job in the process, even if we say so ourselves.