Pink Diamond Rings – A Review

While the diamond might reign supreme, not all diamonds are made equal. The pink diamond, for instance, is one of the most expensive types of diamond on the market. It is rivaled only by its red counterpart. 

But what makes the pink diamond so special? We’ll take a look. 



The reason for the lush pink colour for these stones is not yet known. Unlike other coloured diamonds, such as black diamonds, the pink diamond does not owe its colour to the presence of inclusions. 

Scientists speculate that the colour might be the result of massive underground pressure or even tectonic shocks. Nonetheless, pink diamonds do occur naturally, for whatever reason. But they are extremely rare. And in the rules of supply and demand, this means that they are priced accordingly. Pink diamonds are found in select locations, and even there, they are scarce. 

In 2009, a vivid pink diamond went to auction and sold for a whopping $10,78 million. The piece was 5 carats. Due to the size and quality of the colour of this stone, this is one of the most expensive pink diamonds to be sold priced per carat.



But some of these rare gems are prized more than others. As with other coloured gemstones, the richer and more saturated the colour of the stone, the higher the price tag. 

Fortunately for us, pink diamonds are priced according to the scale set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). A pink diamond can be graded as anything from faint, to fancy light, or fancy dark. 

And it goes without saying that colour is the most important factor when it comes to pink diamonds. A deep pink stone, even with poor clarity, will still fetch a hefty price. So if you’re hoping to snag one of these beauties, be warned: increases in size and colour come with escalations in price that are out of proportion to other diamonds. 

Given the cost, it’s no surprise that pink diamonds are far more commonly seen adorning the likes of royals than run-of-the-mill folk. If you’re hoping for that stylish pink without the expense, you could consider the astronomically more affordable morganite stone instead.

Do pink diamonds sparkle?

One of the reasons diamonds have maintained their status in fine jewellery is their unrivalled shine and fire. Given the weighty price tag of a pink diamond, you’ll probably want to know if these compare in their brilliance. 

Pink diamonds are brilliant, but as with clarity, the shine is not the most important factor in a pink diamond, colour is. When cutting a pink diamond, a jeweller is looking to help the colour of the stone to shine through.

So is it worth it? Well that depends, given its value, a pink diamond is certainly a sound investment, if you can afford to make it. But if you’re more interested in aesthetics, then its probably not worth making the leap. 

Sure, there is nothing like the real thing, but with contenders on the market like morganite and cubic zirconia, you can get that gorgeous pink you’re pining for without the price tag.