Silver Wedding Rings in Twenty Twenty One – A Review

Compared to its cousin the engagement ring, the wedding ring gets considerably less screen time. But when it comes to exchanging vows and rings with your beloved, there is still a great deal to consider. 

While wedding rings might typically not be as elaborate as engagement rings, the choice of style and material can still be tailored to suit the wearer. And with trends such as matching wedding bands, diamond eternity rings, and even black wedding bands, it seems as if we now have more options than ever before. 

But despite these myriad options, favourites such as silver wedding rings remain a constant. We take a look at this choice of precious metal for wedding bands. 


Considering price, durability and malleability

One can choose from a range of precious metals when purchasing a wedding ring. But if you love a more contemporary look, you might be interested in a lighter ring made of white gold, platinum, palladium or silver. 

While there are subtle visual differences between these materials, the major differences between them have to do with their cost and their durability. 

Silver is one of the more affordable of precious metals. However, the more expensive platinum is extremely durable. Silver, which is a very soft metal, will show significant wear and tear over time. This is certainly a drawback in a wedding band, given that these rings are intended for everyday use. 

But there are some pros to the softness of silver. Given how malleable the metal is, there are many opportunities to make intricate design choices for your wedding band. And if you take proper care of your silver ring, it can certainly last. Storing your ring separately from your other jewellery, or in a separate cloth pouch, is one way to preserve this precious metal. 


Do silver rings tarnish easily?

Silver does tarnish. But although they require cleaning and occasional polishing, silver rings have a natural gleam and shine. This is one of the reasons why they have remained a popular choice over the years.

The silver used in jewellery design isn’t pure silver. Since silver is a relatively soft metal, it is not durable enough for jewellery design when used in its pure form. When crafting a band of silver for a wedding ring, one needs to make sure of an alloy that contains a mix of pure silver and a material such as copper. Sterling silver, which is the usual choice for jewellery, contains 92.5% pure silver. 

Depending on your preference, you can choose a silver ring with a gleaming or matte finish. Choosing to have your sterling silver ring plated with Rhodium will ensure that extra shine, and will give your ring an extra layer of protection. 


So if you are set on the look of a light metal like silver for your ring, you’ll want to take these factors into consideration when making your decision. Is pricepoint the most important? Are you willing to put in the effort required to preserve your ring? 

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which factors are most important for you.