The Best Jewelry For Your Average Workday

The Best Jewelry For Your Average Workday

Getting up for work in the morning comes with an array of questions, including what to wear, deciding what you’ll be having for breakfast, as well as contemplating the tasks and meetings you have to tackle during the course of the day. To make life easier in this regard, it might be beneficial to consider building a jewelry collection for work, featuring interesting, tasteful and professional pieces that you can mix-and-match on the average work day. Let’s explore the type of jewelry you may include in this collection.

Keeping Things Interesting

Don’t shy away from showing your personality, especially so if you work in a start-up environment where smart casual clothing is encouraged. This can range from wearing statement, stackable or signet rings, or even considering coloured necklaces or brooches. Your jewelry collection for work should allow you the freedom to express yourself and to interchange pieces between outfits, preferably keeping the seasons in mind. If your collection is season neutral, you’ll be all the better off for it in the long run.

Tasteful Jewelry Choices For Work

When it comes to keeping things tasteful at the office, less is certainly more. Avoid wearing bling to work, unless your workplace (or industry) requires you to do so. For most, a smaller selection spanning a wider range of options, is able to provide the most versatility day-to-day. Keeping it class is not only good for your own image, but for that of the business as well. Be mindful of how your colleagues are dressing, and while important to express yourself, you don’t need to be making a scene with extravagant choices that are better suited to formal occasions.

Professional is the Way To Go

A choice many women often forget, which helps to dial up the professionalism of any outfit, is to wear a watch. These days we are happy to read the time on our cellphones, but in a sense it does remove an item of jewelry that can give you a slight professional edge in the workplace. A nice set of pearls (fake or not) can also compliment an outfit, especially on the days when you’re struggling with what to wear. Don’t forget, that keeping things professional means wearing jewelry that doesn’t make noise. Nobody wants to have to hear the clanging of bracelets for eight hours in a day, so its best you save those for the next event you’ll be attending.

Build Your Jewelry Collection For Work

If you’re just starting out in your career, or have ambitions to change your look going into the new year, then building a new jewelry collection is something worth keeping in mind. Jenna Clifford can help you keep things interesting, tasteful and professional, in order for you to be geared and ready for whatever the average work day may throw at you. Never has it been easier to shop for items you love online, or to visit one of their flagship stores, in order to get the kind of pieces that will make you confident, happy and ready to tackle the challenges of the day.