The Best Jewelry Stores for Wedding Ring Shopping


The Best Jewelry Stores for Wedding Ring Shopping

Finding the right wedding rings for you and your partner can be a challenge, especially so with the onslaught of stores around the country, as well as having access to businesses from all over the world online. Where do you begin? We’ve done a bit of digging for you, highlighting four of the best jewelry stores for you to start your search for your forever rings. Whether for his-and-hers, his-and-his or her-and-hers, these four stores will give you competitive quotes and won’t let you down in the service department.


The Diamond Channel


You can’t have a conversation about the best stores to buy a wedding ring in 2020 without considering the vast online space. While most jewelers have brick and mortar stores as well as online subsidiaries, The Diamond Channel exclusively offers a variety of wedding rings at wholesale prices on their online store. Founder Ran Loupo was born in Israel but emigrated with his family in the late 1980’s. His sales and commerce background led him to inheriting a passion for jewelry, opening R&S Jewellers, which was eventually to become The Diamond Channel in 2012. While some say that there is magic in visiting a store and picking out a ring in person, these guys specialise in making the design process itself equally (if not more) special than visiting a store. 


Browns South Africa


Browns is a renowned jeweler that has become a household name in South Africa and around the world. A family business that has been passed from generation to generation, their Sandton store, which helped them gain market share in the industry, was opened all the way back in 2001. In 2007, they opened a flagship store at the V&A Waterfront, which marked a watershed moment for the family, coming full circle to where their founder had first arrived in the early 1900’s. The first Browns store was opened in 1934, and they haven’t looked back since. If you’re looking for a wedding ring, and want variety that you won’t see elsewhere, this is a good place to start.


Jenna Clifford


When it comes to the Jenna Clifford brand, many are quick to forget that the store got its name from a world-renowned jewelry designer, who gained notoriety for her individualistic creative creations. While there is a lot to be said for the store, which has been popular among consumers for decades, it’s sometimes easy to forget that behind it all stood a woman with a dream. With razor focus and a wish to only use local suppliers to create her designs, Jenna set off on a mission to refine her craft, determined to change the landscape of the jewelry industry. It’s easy to bounce around terms like “iconic” and “timeless” when it comes to her wedding rings, and while you’re browsing for those, you may even be tempted to look at some of her other collections as well.


Arthur Kaplan


Arthur Kaplan is well known for luxury jewelry and watches, with a reputation that spans back to the 1980’s. Their approach has always been to give personal attention, and to add a personal touch, regardless of which store the consumer is buying from. With a desire to look after the needs of the client, in fact, to better understand the needs of a client, it’s no surprise that Arthur Kaplan has remained at the helm of jewelry design and sales throughout the decades. Considered somewhat more traditional in terms of their jewelry lines, if you’re wanting something that has a touch of nostalgia and an air of classic elegance, then they are a great place to start your search. You can’t go wrong by popping into one of their stores, located in major malls across the country, and hopefully you’ll walk away with your forever ring with a smile on your face.