The Best Time of Year to Buy Jewelry in South Africa

The Best Time of Year to Buy Jewelry in South Africa

You don’t need a watch to tell when the best time of year to buy jewelry is, although you might want to consider it as an item to add to your jewelry collection in 2020, especially if you’ve set some new years resolutions to get better at time management in general. So when is it a good time to start adding to your jewelry collection in general? There are a couple of factors to keep in mind at all times. Let’s take a closer look at some of the periods which not only give you access to the latest trends, but good deals as well, which will keep your overall look in style, while allowing you to spend less than you may have anticipated spending in the first place. 

The End of March

While the start of the year generally brings some post-holiday sales and discounts, not many people have the cashflow available, especially if Christmas was a bit more expensive than usual. By March, the year is in full force, and your income should stabilise a little bit as well. Gone are the romantic Valentines expenses and generally, summer mayhem may have come to an end. As South Africa turns to Autumn, it’s also a great time to start buying for your winter collection, right before it gets too cold, and stores get a bit more quiet, which usually drives up prices too.


That said, because the stores are more quiet in winter, they are also more likely to run specials and discounts to move some extra stock. The latter half of winter is a good time to find some deals, and also a great time to start planning for summer. Mid-year is a great time to buy jewelry too, as some of the big ticket items from last season may be reduced somewhat, and if you do your research about trends to watch, you may score a good deal on an item that is still considered fresh for the upcoming season. 

Black Friday and Christmas Build-Up

The end of the year presents two great chances to buy jewelry, mostly with a view towards you capitalising on some deals. Black Friday, which usually occurs in November, sees stores all over the country offering excessive discounts and specials. Sign up to as many newsletters from jewelers as possible in the build up to Black Friday, in order to get a sense of where you may be able to save some cash on your next purchase. That said, this time is also a great opportunity to get some special items for the holiday, with Christmas shopping becoming front of mind for many consumers. Jewelry is a great Christmas gift for any of your loved ones, and perhaps this year you can articulate that a bit more clearly to anyone buying for you. 

Getting Your Jewelry Collection on Track for 2020

If you haven’t started planning your autumn, winter and spring jewelry looks for 2020, never fear, there is still enough time to do so, even before considering some of the best times to buy jewelry. Jenna Clifford can help you get there quickly, offering a series of pieces that are the perfect fit for formal and informal occasions. What makes them extra special is their ability to supply bespoke pieces, especially if you’re looking to buy something for a milestone occasion, like a graduation, anniversary or something similar. With a bit of planning, and keeping a close eye on the times to get the best deals, you could see your jewelry collection grow exponentially this year. Happy shopping!