The Meaning of a Diamond's Color: The Characteristics & Unique Symbolism


The Meaning of a Diamond's Color: The Characteristics & Unique Symbolism 


Diamonds are a true work of nature! Their undeniable luster, strength, and representation of love and devotion make them a work of art. Not all diamonds are made the same, however, and while clarity and size are examples of variation, color may be the most noticeable and interesting. Diamonds are found in nature in various shades of color such as yellow, blue, green, pink, brown, purple and even black. Choosing a colored diamond can really personalize your ring and can speak to your personality! Colored diamonds are often referred to as ‘colored fancies’ and it is said their unique colors have different symbolic characteristics. When choosing a diamond for a piece of jewelry, keep in mind that the color of your chosen diamond has unique symbolism and should truly speak to your personality and style!




Yellow diamonds vary in hue and are created when a diamond forms in the presence of nitrogen gas. This color is associated with playfulness, optimism and is perfect for fun-loving and creative people. 




Blue colored diamonds are incredibly rare and may cost more than colorless diamonds as they are almost exclusively mined in South Africa and Australia. The color blue is often associated with royalty and was proven to be a real royal choice when Kate Middleton wed Prince William with a beautiful ring with blue stones. Blue precious stones have therefore become increasingly popular. A blue diamond represents truth, devotion, eternity and spirituality. 




Green diamonds are symbolic of the natural world and harmony. There are many variations of green diamonds- many have blue or purple undertones. Green diamonds may also symbolize abundance, long life, prosperity, and strength. 


Pink and Red


Pink and red diamonds are for real romantics! They are considered the rarest and most expensive diamonds and are a real representation of passion, love, romance, and commitment. Red diamonds are primarily found in Australia while pink diamonds are mostly found in Brazil and India. 




Brown, or recently named ‘chocolate’ diamonds, have become a real modern commodity and are perfect for down-to-earth, practical and good-natured people. They are said to represent stability, practicality, and dependability. 




Purple diamonds are also very rare and mainly come in two variations: violet and true purple. Purple Diamonds are associated with spirituality, enlightenment, and pride as well as wealth and nobility. They are a good choice for artists or psychologists. 




Naturally occurring black diamonds are quite rare so often they are produced by chemically changing dark green diamonds. Black diamonds are considered less traditional compared to the classic clear/colorless diamond set in an engagement ring. Black diamonds may reflect the wearer’s outgoing and alternative personality as well as passion, energy, and action. 

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