The Perfect Earrings for Every Occasion


The Perfect Earrings for Every Occasion

The wearing of earrings dates back throughout history and across cultures for both men and women. The reasons for wearing them ranged from aesthetics to protection against evil spirits. The wearing of earrings has stayed with us today and they are one of the most popular accessories. They are versatile, range in styles, highlight the face and are easy to wear. For these reasons, they are the perfect accessory for every occasion and there is an occasion for every pair. 

The Job Interview (and Work in General)

The job interview is often an uncomfortable situation as it is a form of assessment of fit – to culture, to the role and to the company. The interviewer is looking to see if you are the best candidate and the first thing they will notice is your appearance. First impressions count and science shows that a person makes a judgement in a tenth of a second. A person unconsciously decides everything they need to know in a blink of an eye. This means you have to choose the outfit and most importantly present yourself in a way that will lead to a positive decision. What should stand out is your attitude and expertise and not your jewellery. The simple and elegant diamond stud is the perfect accessory for an interview. Its understated elegance will allow you to look professional on the day and it is the perfect addition for work going forward.

The Weekend and Casual Nights Out

The weekend is the perfect time to enjoy your denims, put your hair up and have some fun. Hoop earrings (size dependent on your taste) are the ideal earing accessory. They make a simple outfit stylish with no effort. 

The Holiday (and Anything Active)

Your holiday is a time where you can let your personality shine through. The earrings you choose will depend on where you are going and the outfits you will be taking. If you are travelling overseas then it may be best to leave your expensive earrings at home. You may also not feel like changing your earrings while away for convenience sake and to ensure you don’t lose them. If you prefer not to change them then take a pair of sterling silver huggies. They are easy to close, secure on your ear so you don’t need to worry about losing them during any activities (the same goes for sporting activities) and comfortable to sleep in. 

Formal Occasions

From weddings to cocktails, formal occasions are the perfect time to make a statement and add elegance to your outfit. Chandelier earrings are the piece to do just that. They naturally frame the face and add glamour. They also elongate the face by drawing the eye downwards. There is an array of options to choose to match your taste so pick a pair that speaks to you. When choosing chandelier earrings, select a pair that are not too heavy as you do not want to spend a special occasion in discomfort. Also, ensure that the rest of your jewellery complements the earrings rather than distracts from them. They are meant to be the showstopper jewellery piece. 

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