Tips For Wearing Beach Jewellery This December Holiday

Tips For Wearing Beach Jewellery This December Holiday

When December comes around in South Africa, bringing along with it the sizzling summer sun, there’s nothing better than a vacation by the beach. Relaxing next to the ocean, while spending quality time with friends and family, can be a great way to wrap up the year and to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the transition into a new year. Summer presents interesting opportunities for you to explore with your personal style, and with it comes the chance for you to flaunt your look, especially so while you’re on the beach. Let’s delve into some practical tips around what to keep in mind when wearing jewelry to the beach.

Beware The Sunscreen… Somewhat

There’s no need to be fearful of wearing sunscreen, of course. While you should wear sunscreen whenever going to the beach, you should be smart about putting it on while wearing jewelry. It may not damage metals or diamonds, but it may leave a slight residue on the pieces, which could alter the appearance slightly. Have some jewelry cleaner on hand for the end of the day, so you can make sure your pieces continue to shine as you wear them for other social occasions.

The Salty Air Can Affect Certain Jewelry Pieces

You may have heard that salty air can have a negative effect on the appearance of some copper-base jewels, as well as rose-gold jewelry in particular. Sea salt acts as as corrosive and will act as a catalyst for the deterioration of the pieces. Be mindful of the types of pieces you pack for your holiday, but also, for the ones you will take to the beach. When storing jewelry in an environment that is exposed to salty air, always make sure you have a cool, dry storage case. Preferably, one that is able to lock seal, avoiding further exposure while you’re not wearing the piece.

Sand Exposure and How It Affects Your Rings

We all know that sand is made from glass, and if you’ve ever been in a sandstorm you’ll know that it has a reputation for being rather abrasive. It can easily wear off surfaces of some jewelry, like gold plating. Diamonds should be less of a worry, but keep in mind, that finding a diamond in a sandy environment may also be next to impossible. While you may not be worried about scratches you could be going home with one less prized possession. Which leads us to the last point...

Keep The Most Important Jewelry at Home

As a rule, keep your most important pieces of jewelry at home, rather than taking them to the beach. Engagement rings, for example, are a no-go for the beach. When you swim, your hand will shrink when you hit the cold water, increasing the chances of the piece falling off while you are diving into the waves. Who can forget that meme-worthy moment on Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kim lost diamond earrings in the sea, only to find them in her room a short while later. Don’t be that person (well, the one who goes swimming with jewelry worth hundreds of thousands, at least). You don’t need to sacrifice style or self expression, but remember to keep your wits about you in order to protect your pieces at all times.