Top Picks When Buying Jewelry For The Winter

Top Picks When Buying Jewelry For The Winter

If you’re keeping a close eye on your budget, especially with a view towards the changing of the season, then it might help to consider some jewelry options that will not only add to your autumn and winter collections, but do some good for your pockets as well. While summer may still be front of mind right now, you don’t want to be caught having to buy winter jewelry too close to the time, and it helps to start looking out for some options now, especially as the new ranges will be coming in shortly. But where do you start? Today we’ll outline some winter pieces that are expected to pop this year, while also giving your looks a polish and finish like never before. 

Larger Necklaces are Coming Back

You heard us. While we’re not talking about those tacky oversized chains with dollar signs you see in music videos, large chains, or necklaces with longer-than-usual chains, are making a slow but sure return, adding a touch of elegance to a diverse range of outfits. With winter wear traditionally being more about covering up to keep warm, a statement piece like a chain draws attention to your outfit and can also be a subtle finish to sweaters and polo necks. Large chains also compliment any outfit where you are wearing jeans, which is a staple for winter as a whole.

Unconventional Hoops

...especially gold ones. While some of us may be a bit frightened of large hoops, especially with stereotypes raging about, hoops can actually add a fair share of class and elegance to your winter outfits, while drawing attention to your make-up as well. Try it as a bit of a wildcard this year, and if you’re not a fan of gold, there are a variety of other options available that will give you a similar effect. You’ll be ringing in the compliments before you know it. 

Chain Belts

While relatively unconventional, chain belts, especially over a winter dress, can be just the accessory to complete a look and is a favourite of fashion bloggers from around the world. If you’re wanting to add something to a blazer, pants or anything similar, you’ll be nothing short of glamorous wearing this piece of jewelry. Shop around for this affordable piece, but remember not to skimp on budget, as it can also look rather tacky, and break easily, if you’re not willing to spend a little more on something sturdy and dependable. 

Ears To The Ground

Before we know it, we’ll be getting our winter woolies ready, waving goodbye to what was a wonderful summer. It pays to keep your ears to the ground about some of the latest jewelry releases at renowned places like Jenna Clifford, which is always front of mind for people looking to stay ahead of trends. While you’re at it, why not register for their mailing list, which tends to drop quite a few hints about some of the interesting items that are hitting stores shortly. You won’t be sorry you did, especially when the icy weather rolls around. Good luck on your search!