Top Three Engagement Ring Trends of 2020

Top Three Engagement Ring Trends of 2020

We might be nearing the end of 2020, but if you’re planning on getting engaged it’s not too late to check out this year’s top engagement ring trends. 

After all, the best engagement ring trends are those that will stay in style for decades to come. And there’s no greater proof of that than our top three engagement ring trends of 2020. 


Our first trend speaks volumes about the preferences and concerns of today’s buyers. The vintage trend is fuelled equal parts by nostalgia, our predilection for sustainability and the resurgence of vintage styles in fashion. Finally, the vintage trend also speaks to our desire to find ways to stand out from the crowd and to distinguish ourselves from our peers.

And what could be more unique than refurbishing a treasured family heirloom for an engagement ring? Not only is it a sustainable choice, but when you opt for a vintage piece you bring extra sentiment to an already special piece of jewellery. 

You’ll get the vintage look you love, without needing to worry about adding to your carbon footprint or contributing to unethical mining practices. 


Yet another way that 2020 shoppers hope to distinguish themselves is through the purchasing of coloured stones. While diamonds still remain a popular and classic choice for engagement rings, more and more individuals are opting for alternatives such as emeralds, sapphires or morganites instead. Others opt instead for coloured diamonds, such as pink or black diamonds. 

The engagement ring is no longer seen just as an expression of love. This special item, which is worn every day, is also an opportunity to tell the world something about who you are, and to express your personal sense of style. 

So for those of us who are less set on sticking to the status quo, flouting tradition and opting for a coloured stone on an engagement ring is a delicious prospect. 


We’ve seen a number of shifts in the most popular shape of central stone in recent years. Former favourite, the pear-shaped stone, is in its twilight years. And it’s successor? The oval! This classic shape has a great deal going for it. Not only is it elegant, but an oval stone is generally flattering for most wearers. Depending on the kind of cut opted for, the oval generally also presents itself well in terms of carat weight. This is a huge pro, especially for those of us who hope to pack a punch with the size of their central stone. It’s also a win for buyers who are hoping to save a bit. 

We’re just in love with these three 2020 engagement ring trends, and we hope you are too. So what do you think? Is there perchance an oval sapphire ring knocking about somewhere in your family tree? Perhaps it’s just the thing to take this special moment to the next level. 

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