Unique Men’s Wedding Rings in 2020

Unique Men’s Wedding Rings in 2020

While men’s fashion has traditionally been more understated, and with less variety, these days, men have more options than ever. And the same applies to their options for wedding rings. 

We’ll take a look at a selection of unique men’s wedding rings from bespoke South African jewellery designer, Jenna Clifford. 

With engraved detail

Why should only women be able to sport intricate engravings on their jewellery? The Adam Wedding Band is embellished with a black rhodium engraving of a vine that weaves down the centre of the ring. Set against gleaming white gold, this piece is subtly elegant. 

We continue with white gold for the Evan Wedding Band. This monochrome ring is full of detailed, swirling spirals, which appear all along the 7mm band.  

With a matte finish

Grooms interested in a more understated finish need look no further than the Daniel Wedding Band. This white gold ring features a classic central band with a subtle matt finish. 

But for a slightly more textured finish, you could opt for the Matthew Wedding Band instead. This white gold marvel features raised edges and a textured matte centre. 

With unusual details

But not all men’s wedding rings are understated. For grooms looking for a statement piece, there is the Ezekiel Gents Wedding Ring, which pairs a striking design with a mixture of metals. This piece features round diamonds and raised screw and square detailing, in either silver (with gold screws) or gold (with silver screws).

Continuing with the screw motif is the Isaac Gents Wedding Ring. This silver ring features gold screw detailing (or vice versa), in between sets of three diamonds. These central details are frames with rows of triangle prints, reminiscent of traditional African design. 

With rope detailing

The Andrew Wedding Band contains two of the design features we’ve already covered: mixed metals and screw details. But it brings a third element into the mix: coiled rope. The yellow gold rope inlay stands out against the white gold wedding band. And set between the rows of rope are the gold screw motifs.

The Charles Wedding Band pairs the classic coiled rope together with a double row of checkered detailed, all set in white gold. To finish off the look, the ring is edged in two bands of yellow gold. 

With black details

The Henry Wedding Band pairs two striking features together: a black rhodium border, and a central band of honeycomb detailing. The result is the perfect piece for a groom looking to express their contemporary taste.

The Maverick Wedding Band features deep-set swirling details that are thrown into relief against the gleaming white gold band. This hand-engraved design is also available in a black rhodium finish. 

And last, but certainly not least, is the Zachary Ring. This, as the only asymmetrical design on our list, certainly stands out from the rest. It features two bands of different width. The more slender of these sports a leaf motif. The wider of the two bands boasts gleaming black diamonds. 

Now that you’ve seen a selection of unique men’s wedding rings, we hope you’re feeling inspired to begin the hunt for your wedding band