What Are the Top 5 South African Jewellery Stores

What Are the Top 5 South African Jewellery Stores

When it comes to purchasing jewellery, you are spoilt for choice. But since these can be weighty purchases, it’s important to know the best places to go for first-rate service, world-class materials, and unending style. 

So whether you’re looking to buy an engagement ring for that special someone, are interested in a commemorative watch, or a custom necklace for an anniversary, we’ve put together 5 of the top jewellery stores in South Africa. 

Jenna Clifford 

Since its inception in 1992, Jenna Clifford has committed to a personal approach to quality jewellery that sparks joy, and matches all the hopes and dreams of its clients. It’s for this valuing of the client, and the quality of Jenna Clifford works, that Jenna Clifford makes it onto our list.

Every Jenna Clifford design is master crafted by local hands, and is made up of the finest quality ingredients. And since these are all ethically sourced, with all diamonds accompanied by a grading certificate from world-leading grading laboratories, Jenna Clifford pieces come with added peace of mind.   


Jack Friedman opened his first jewellery store in downtown Johannesburg in 1934. Decades later, his grandson Larry Brown opened the first Browns store in Sandton in 2001. This marked the beginning of a business that valued quality workmanship, service and timeless jewellery design. It’s for this reason that Browns makes it onto our list. 

While Browns employs novel technology in its processes, each design begins with a hand drawing. To ensure absolute excellence in every product, all gold is tested for quality using x-rays. Beyond this measure, all items undergo 20 different quality checks. 

Arthur Kaplan

Like many others in the jewellery trade, Arthur Kaplan inherited his love of the industry. He began his legacy in his grandfather’s jewellery store in Pretoria.

After applying the tools of the trade for 15 years in the family business, Arthur decided to branch out and open his own store in 1973. But while Arthur Kaplan designs are known and trusted, particularly for diamond engagement rings, it is the commitment to long lasting service that landed Arthur Kaplan a spot on this list. 

Personalised service and integrity remain core values of the Arthur Kaplan brand. And the goal of Arthur Kaplan is to establish relationships with clients that last a lifetime.   


Joseph Stern firmly believed that if one prioritised both quality and craftsmanship, then perfection was possible in jewellery design. It was with this foremost in his mind that he established Sterns in 1896. 

And these still remain the pillars of Sterns, which specialises in diamonds, excellence in design, and in gifting. 


As one of the only jewellery stores with a license to purchase rough diamonds from South African mines, Shimansky designs stand out in the local jewellery market. All Shimansky diamonds are handpicked, and processed by Shimansky to ensure exceptional craftsmanship throughout the process. 

The decision to insource all work came two years after the first full Shimansky store was established by founder Yair Shimansky. The move ensured that all items would be of the quality and consistency the brand is now synonymous with. It is for this insourcing and excellence that Shimansky makes our list. 

So now that you’ve learnt about our top 5 South African jewellery stores, you’re all set to start browsing. Which of these stores will you choose?