When Is It Appropriate To Wear Gold Jewelry?


When Is It Appropriate To Wear Gold Jewelry?


When it comes to wearing gold, If you still have an image of a 90’s TV mobster wearing chains and rings to absolute excess, it may be time to start looking at things a little differently. If you also have fond memories of a gentle hug from grandma, who never went anywhere without her gold ring, then you may well be in a better general ballpark. Gold jewelry can be accessorised in a way that it enhances your outfits, rather than weighing them down. Done correctly, and worn to the right occasions, a gold piece of jewelry can make all the difference. Today, we’ll explore when it's best to wear gold jewelry. 


When You’re Wearing Specific Colours


While industry insiders are often debating the right colours to wear, in particular due to seasonal trends and changes over the years, there are a couple of agreed to colours that tend to match a little better to gold jewelry. These can be simplified into a list of five, namely red, black, silver, gold, black & emerald green. If any of these are the primary colour in your outfit for the day, or for your social event, you’re well set to choose a piece of gold jewelry rather than some of the others you may be considering. 


Colder Days Are Better For Gold Jewelry


Gold is a metal that has to power to absorb energy and heat. It will not only absorb energy from your body, but also from the outside environment. On hot summer days in South Africa, for example, your jewelry may contribute to you feeling warm and uncomfortable. As a rule, colder and more overcast days are better to wear gold. In conjunction with the bright colours we mentioned earlier, you may well stand out a little more on the day, particularly if the weather is moggy and grey. Doing so will make your outfit pop even more so than usual. 


Dinner Parties and Special Occasions


In recent years, white gold has become particularly popular to wear to dinner parties and special occasions, not only because it offers you a softer touch, rounding off your outfit a little more than a traditional gold piece of jewelry, but because it is an “easy to wear” piece of jewelry that tends to go with a lot of different outfit styles and configurations. Gold is always appropriate at special occasions, but remember not to overdo it. Sometimes, a subtle gold accent can make all the difference, but overdoing it can certainly lead to you looking more like the mobster we mentioned at the start of the article. 


Finding The Correct Gold Piece of Jewelry For You


Jenna Clifford is a renowned jeweler in South Africa, having been around the block and establishing itself as a household name across the country. If you’re looking to buy your next piece of gold, be it to match with an outfit of a specific colour, whether you’re looking for something to dial up you winter outfits in the new year, or if you’re celebrating a special occasion of your own, or for a loved one. Buying jewelry should be an exciting process, and while it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the options available (trust me, we’ve been there), a good jeweler will be able to point you in the right direction. Here’s to hoping you find what you need timeously, easily and within your budget.