Where to Buy a Victorinox Watch in South Africa

Where to Buy a Victorinox Watch in South Africa

So you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a quality watch. You’re looking for something stylish, but quality and unequivocally durable. You need a piece that can fit into your active lifestyle, without showing wear and tear. 

The natural choice, therefore, is to purchase a Victorinox watch. But what are your options when sourcing one of these Swiss-made timepieces?

Victorinox has no stores in South Africa. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. The best course of action for South Africans on the hunt for a Victorinox watch is to visit a certified seller of these internationally-renowned watches. 

And fortunately for us, Jenna Clifford is a certified trader of Victorinox watches. 

Where to find a Jenna Clifford store 

Jenna Clifford has two physical stores. These are located in Johannesburg, and Pretoria. But that doesn’t mean Jenna Clifford products are unavailable in the rest of the country. The Jenna Clifford E-Boutique ships to the rest of South Africa. 

In addition to the master-crafted jewelry that is synonymous with the brand, Jenna Clifford stocks a selection of women’s and men’s Victorinox watches. 

Victorinox produces watches in several different ranges, namely the I.N.O.X., Alliance, Airboss, Maverick, and FieldForce collections.   

In true Victorinox style, these pieces embody both mechanical excellence and style, and have been through thorough stress-testing. 

But since a watch should be about both form and function, the Victorinox watch has a third arrow in its quiver. These timepieces are known for their razor-sharp accuracy. So whether you’re on route to your next deep-sea dive, or a client meeting, you will always be on time. 

What Victorinox ranges can I find at Jenna Clifford?

Jenna Clifford stocks watches, for both men and women, from the following Victorinox ranges: I.N.O.X, Airboss, Maverick, and Alliance. 

Visit the leafy enclave that is the Jenna Clifford Morningside Design Studio. Here, surrounded by the beauty of nature and original Jenna Clifford designs, you can choose your Victorinox timepiece. 

How about the Alliance Small Ladies? This piece comes in numerous iterations, to fit your individual style. One of our favourites comes with a royal blue leather band and matching face. 

But this watch brings something a little bit different to the mix. The design includes an element reflecting the night sky. Its face features a crescent-shaped inlet, framing a set of stars and a moon. This detail is set into the face in a deep blue mother of pearl circle, which brings added luminance to the piece.  

Or, under the curving metallic vines of the chandeliered Lynwood Design Studio in Pretoria, you can pick up the Airboss Mechanical Chronograph. This detailed timepiece features raised modern numerals, and three additional dials to keep track of seconds, minutes and hours. It features a luminescent face, and brown leather strap to complete the look.  

So now that you have enjoyed a sneak peek at the range of Victorinox watches available at Jenna Clifford stores, visit the E-Boutique to browse the full range.