Where to Buy Bespoke Jewellery in 2020

Where to Buy Bespoke Jewellery in 2020

The year 2020 has been full of surprises. But while some things have changed beyond recognition, others remain constant. 

So while the jewellery industry might have migrated to online, our fancy for bespoke items is unchanged. Luckily for homebound shoppers, Jenna Clifford designs remains the centre for bespoke designs. 

So what do you need to do to get your hands on a customised Jenna Clifford design? We’ll take a look at the bespoke process of this specialised jewellery house. 

Personality, personality, personality

We are all unique. This is the idea that underpins every Jenna Clifford design. And while the world may have changed, this never will. 

And with this value at heart, it’s no wonder that the works produced by the all-local team at Jenna Clifford are as unique as you are. 

Bespoke commissioned designs and remodellings are at the core of Jenna Clifford. So if you’re looking to invest in a piece that really speaks to your heart, look no further. It’s never been easier to find just what you’ve been looking for. 


To ensure that Jenna Clifford has the full picture, you’ll begin your bespoke journey with a consultation. 

In this session, you’ll walk through everything from pricepoint, to personal style and wearability. Do you need something sturdy for everyday use? Are you looking for a delicate piece to be worn on special occasions? Or do you have a family heirloom that you would like to incorporate into your design? You’ll discuss all this, and more, with a Jenna Clifford consultant so that the team can deliver the piece of your dreams. 

It’s then up to the team to take all your hopes and draw them into a design. This process will take up to nine days. At this point, you’ll get the first peak at your dream design. With your go-ahead on both design and price, the Jenna Clifford team will get started, and transform this design into the real thing. 

While production time will vary from piece to piece, you can expect to wait between two to four weeks. 

Uniquely, yours

So now that you’ve peaked behind the curtain, let’s take a look at a few examples of bespoke Jenna Clifford designs. 

The Armelle Earrings are the epitome of femininity. The design pairs a cluster of rare pink diamonds with delicately engraved roses. This ensemble is set against brilliant white diamonds: a contrast that really brings out the best of the pink stones.  

And while the Fiona Morganite Engagement Ring might not have the same contrast of colours, this showstopper certainly brings the sparkle. It features an emerald-cut morganite stone, set in double claws of white gold. This is tied together with a frame of micro-set diamonds, and an equally diamond-embellished band. 

Or for a twist on the conventional, take a look at this Oval Shaped Smokey Quartz Ring. The central stone, an oval quartz, is framed by a row of diamonds and is held in place by double claws (in white gold). Along the centre of the band is a lattice design, also in white gold. Finally, the piece is tied together with two bands of micro-set diamonds, set along either edge of the latticework. 

To take a look at other bespoke designs, take a look at the Jenna Clifford E-Boutique today.