Where to Buy Emerald Rings in South Africa

Where to Buy Emerald Rings in South Africa

Our appetite for rings featuring coloured stones shows no sign of being sated. And the items most commonly ordered in this category include the likes of emeralds and sapphires. 

But where should one look when you’re interested in purchasing a ring with a top-tier coloured stone, shown off at its best? We take a look at the offerings of top South African jeweller, Jenna Clifford, to help you on your way. 

Emphasising rich colour

Emeralds are known for their rich colour. So you’ll want to choose a piece crafted by a jeweller who really knows how to emphasize the best of your stone. And Jenna Clifford is known for being exacting and selective in the quality of the stones they work with. 

And when Jenna Clifford works with emeralds, the jewellers work hard to bring out the very best of these opulent stones. 

Consider first this revived Cushion Shape Emerald Ring. This large cushion cut ring was initially presented in a tired setting, among a simple halo of diamonds. With the help of the experts at Jenna Clifford, the ring now sits resplendent in gleaming white gold. 

The emerald is given the prominence it deserves in four double prongs. The circular diamonds were given a new home in an elaborate setting fitting of this regal central stone. 

And since emerald lovers are all about colour, shoppers might even broaden their horizons and sample designs centred around green tourmaline stones. 

The Melody Ring has a prominent emerald cut tourmaline set in single prongs. Like Jenna Clifford’s emerald designs, the bring green of the central stone is accentuated by a white gold setting, and diamond-encrusted band. 

Elegant enough for royal court

This Emerald Dress Ring also received a much-needed facelift from the expert team at Jenna Clifford. From a simple white and yellow gold setting, this assortment of emeralds and diamonds found a new home in a luxurious Jenna Clifford design. 

In it, the princess cut emerald reigns supreme, surrounded by a court of emerald baguettes, and circular emeralds. But the rich green of these emeralds is really brought to the fore by the bed of diamonds and white gold that frame them. 

The striking face of this dress ring is surrounded by small round diamonds, and set off against a think detailed band, with a white gold motif, and even more round diamonds. 

Inspired by nature 

But Jenna Clifford does not only offer expert refurbishing of emerald rings. Take, for instance, this Jenna Clifford original: the Esmeralda Ring.

This ring continues with the signature Jenna Clifford emerald colour palette, and pairs the rich green of this stone with gleaming white gold and diamonds. 

Like much of the Jenna Clifford repertoire, this piece takes inspiration from the natural world. Here, we see this represented in a rose and diamond motif band along either edge of the ring. This design serves as a rich frame to the main star of the show: the central line of circular emeralds.  

With such an opulent collection of emerald designs, it’s no wonder we trust Jenna Clifford as the top destination for emerald rings in South Africa.