Where to Buy Gold Engagement Rings in Johannesburg

Where to Buy Gold Engagement Rings in Johannesburg

In your journey of love, you’ve found that special someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re ready to get down on one knee, and present your beloved with that sign of eternal love and commitment: the engagement ring. 

And if you know your partner cannot get enough of gold, you’ll want to ensure their left ring finger is encircled in a band of this precious metal, in a white, yellow or rose hue. But where do you begin finding such a piece? 

Fortunately, as a resident of Johannesburg, you have the flagship Jenna Clifford store right on your doorstep in Morningside. We present to you five gold engagement rings that you and your partner will just love. 

White gold

If your partner loves pieces with a more contemporary finish, they might prefer a white gold band for their ring. And since this shade of metal works with all skin tones, you’re in pretty safe hands with a white gold ring. 

We love the Rose Solitaire Engagement Ring: a classic and elegant choice for the contemporary bride. With a circular brilliant-cut diamond set in a floral wreath of white gold, this piece maximises shine and impact.

Also set in solitaire is the Alyssa Engagement Ring. This piece features a prominent square princess cut stone in an elaborate antique setting.

Yellow gold

But if your partner is thrilled by yellow gold’s revival, you might opt instead for this warmer hue of gold. Made up of a mixture of pure gold, silver, copper and zinc, yellow gold rings are best suited to those with warmer skin tones. 

So if this sounds like it would work for your loved one, why not take a look at the Jean Ring? This showstopper features thick bands of 18ct gold that embeds two rows of circular diamonds. Centre stage is a brilliant-cut diamond set in four prongs, and encircled by another band of round diamonds. 

Rose gold

And if white and yellow gold doesn’t quite cut it, you might like to consider a piece in rose gold. Although rose gold is a current trend, this style is certainly not new. In fact, rose gold is sometimes known as “Russian gold” due to its popularity in 19th-century Russia. 

So if your partner is in love with rose gold, we have good news for you! Jenna Clifford has a shining selection of rose gold engagement rings on offer. 

The Amber Engagement Ring just oozes romance, with a peachy pink morganite stone taking centre stage, and perfectly complementing the 18k rose gold. This gorgeous focal point is emphasised by a halo of circular white diamonds, and a micro-pave diamond band. 

And if you’re looking for something rather more retro, we urge you to consider the Nigella Engagement Ring. This design is centred around a white emerald cut diamond. Further flourishes include a diamond halo, and pave band. 

So while you shop for the item that symbolizes your enduring commitment to your partner, you can rest assured in a Jenna Clifford design. With a range of master-crafted rings, you’ll find the perfect piece to fit your perfect match.