Why Buy a Custom Engagement Ring in 2020

Why Buy a Custom Engagement Ring in 2020

Your love is not one in a million. It is one in several billion. Let that sink in for a minute. Out of the billions of people who live on this planet, you chose your partner, and they chose you. 

And since each and every one of us has lived a different life, shaped by our experiences, language, culture and education, we are all unique. So why should the symbol of your love and lifelong commitment to each other be anything less? 

Design a ring that is as one of a kind as the person you love. Here are seven reasons why you should opt for a custom engagement ring in 2020. 

  1. Express your unique love

When you opt for a custom engagement ring, you have the opportunity to make something as original as your partner, and your partnership. This is a momentous moment in both of your lives. Why should you opt for anything less than perfect?

  1. Get exactly what you want 

Are you a stickler for details? Don’t worry, we are too. While there are hundreds of beautiful designs out there, this is an opportunity for you (and your beloved) to craft the perfect piece. 

  1. Take the time to show you care

You’ve popped the question, and you are dizzy with delight. But unfortunately for us all, we can’t live in that magical moment forever. 

But when you take the time to customise a ring for your beloved, they will be reminded of your extra-special efforts every time they look down at their left hand.  

  1. Get the best of both worlds

Perhaps there are two or three designs that you just love. With so many gorgeous pieces out there to choose from, we understand this dilemma well. 

But when you buy a custom engagement ring, you can combine your favourite elements to craft the ring of your (or your partner’s) dreams. 

  1. Partner with world-class designers

Did you ever dream of being an artist? Now’s your chance to put your creativity to the test by partnering with a world-class jeweler to craft a piece for your special someone. 

You’ll make this special commitment even more memorable with a unique piece that you put your heart and soul into getting just right. 

  1. Design with love

There are many ways to express affection and care for a loved one. When you design a custom engagement ring, you can immortalise those feelings. Is that not the most special way to begin your journey together as spouses?

  1. Work to meet your price point

And perhaps best of all, you can design the piece of your dreams, to the price of your dreams. When you work with a jeweler on a custom engagement ring, you’ll be guided through the process. You’ll share your ideas, requirements and price point, and they’ll help you to get there. 

As we move into a new decade, there’s no better time to make your partner’s dreams come true with a piece made especially for them. So what are you waiting for?