We strive to capture an individual’s essence through our custom design service which allows you the
opportunity to have something one-of-a-kind made. Always apparent in a Jenna Clifford custom-designed
creation, is the flexibility and flair which brings originality to the signature design. Artistic freedom melds
with technical expertise to deliver pieces which inspire and delight.

The Process

This special process will involve a design consultation where we discuss your design preferences, wear-ability requirements and your preferred budget. Once we have taken your design brief, we will require up to nine working days to supply you with a design for approval. Once the design and pricing is agreed, we proceed to manufacture and this can take anything between two to four weeks depending on the availability of precious materials and the capacity/schedule of our jewellers. Please see the Client Experience page to find out more or to book a consultation. Please note, consultations are complimentary and quotes are provided on an obligation free basis.


Precious Materials

For bespoke pieces, clients may supply some of the materials (as part of a remodelling service) or we are happy to supply the precious
metal (18ct gold/platinum) and precious stones. Please rest assured that the utmost attention is devoted to the quality, cut and origin of
our gemstones, pearls and other precious materials. Their beauty and rarity are the result of the most precise and demanding search. We
utilise only the most sought-after gemstones and pearls from the most exotic locations, and tolerate no imperfections.

Made for You

“Jewellery must have meaning and relevance in our lives. This essence is at the heart of our designs. It is only natural that people should be involved in that process to produce pieces that are uniquely special to them,” says Jenna. Bespoke creations honour the ancient metals, gems and pearls surrendered to us by our powerful planet. Nothing in creation is without meaning and in developing bespoke jewellery, we are acutely sensitive to the messages we receive from nature. We code into our designs symbolic representations of you, your life, your dreams and aspirations. Every design pays tribute to you as a unique individual. "The greatest aptitude and precision of our jewellers, and the highest level of performance, are constantly monitored to achieve utmost consistency and perfection in every Jenna Clifford masterpiece."

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Annette Palframan,
Senior Design Consultant

Jenna and I met close to thirty five years ago when Jenna was running her own swimming school. Jenna taught my two sons to swim, they were 5 and 8 years of age at the time. As a senior design consultant I specialise in bespoke creations and remodellings for clients and I also design jewellery


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