Celebrating Engagements

This month we celebrate 25 years of commemorating one of life's most meaningful moments! What a privilege to be part of the planning and designing of exquisite engagement rings, and witnessing some of these special moments right here in our studios and gardens.

The History of Engagement Rings

In the western world, an engagement ring is believed to be the ultimate expression of true love. But where did this tradition originate? The history of the engagement ring dates back to ancient times and, like many other traditions, the...


 A picture is worth a thousand words. JC clients popping the question at our Morningside Design Studio, Sandton.

Get Inspired! Once you’ve got the ring, the next step is planning the proposal, and we know that this can be just as daunting. Check out these creative ideas from Hitched to help get you started.


Where did the Troupant get his name?

The story goes that years ago, young men wanting to get married will harvest the sticky gum from a specific tree, find a dead branch and stick a ball of this gum to it. When a Troupant came along and sat on the branch, its feet got stuck. The man could then catch the beautifully coloured bird, remove one of the stunning blue feathers and present it to his bride to be. Should she accept his proposal, the feather would be wrapped around her finger and stain it blue, representing a wedding band or “Troupand” in Afrikaans.