Celebrating the Home

As the festive season draws closer, we take time this month to celebrate our homes and families. It is wonderful to be part of the intimate, special spaces our clients call their home. With the latest new additions to the “Jenna Clifford in Your Home” Collection, we will make sure that you entertain in style over the holidays.  Discover Gifts for the Home and enjoy the last few weeks of 2018 with those you hold dear.

Jenna Clifford invites you to her home in Mpumalanga! Enjoy the visit captured by the team from Top Billing.


Summer is in full swing and we are brightening up our home’s to match and bring the vibrant colours from the outdoors inside. Anyone who knows Jenna can tell you that her favourite flower is of course the rose, and Garden & Home shares a few tips on how to incorporate this stately bloom into your home décor.


The Taste of Celebration

There are few sounds more celebratory than the popping of a cork and glasses being filled with sparkly bubbles! Sipping on a quality MCC is a beautiful experience to be savoured. And understandably so as it takes quote a lot of time and love to craft the perfect batch of bubbly. We delved into the process of making MCC.